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For HVAC/R sector clients looking to build custom applications, EVCO is providing control solutions utilizing the C-Pro3 programmable platform. This series of devices is distinguished by the wide variety of hardware formats (blind or displayed), for the high quantity and configurability of inputs and exits (expandable via optional modules) and for the presence of communication protocols such as MODBUS and BACNet, as well as a Web server in products with an Ethernet port. Some models integrate up to 2 drivers for unipolar and bipolar stepper type EEVs.
Application software can be realized with UNI-PRO 3, an integrated object development environment.
UNI-PRO 3 provides already developed and tested application blocks libraries that make the designer's work easier: through dedicated libraries, the software also enables MODBUS management of modular fans such as ebm-papst and Ziehl-Abegg.
UNI-PRO 3 finally allows for the realization of professional HMI applications in the viewers of the EPcolor family, the most advanced in the fan of remote touchscreen user interface available and that you can test out yourself in our tech-station at ISH.

The expansion valve plays a crucial role in a refrigeration circuit because it reduces the pressure on the coolant fluid causing it to cool. The electronic version has significantly improved the control of the coolant flow, allowing for energy saving in variable charging situations, safety and cooling system duration.
After the great interest expressed in both MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort and ISH frankfurt 2023 we will be exhibiting EVDRIVE, our range of drivers for managing bipolar expansion valves (EEV) type stepper, unipolar and pulse stepper.
EVDRIVE is already configured to handle the most widespread stepper-type valves on the market, but it can also be freely set for handling any expansion valve. The driver can operate in standalone mode or integrated into a control solution.
Some models can finally be connected to Wi-Fi EVlinking modules, to access driver functions from the EPoCA cloud platform.

Among the products that we will expose at ISH you will find the control solutions that EVCO has developed to optimize the functions of the process cooling machines, which are used for cooling, cooling, extracting heat or maintaining temperature during production.
EV CHILL and c-pro 3 CHILL controller series are suitable for handling single and bicircuit chillers. The first one can handle ON-OFF or variable speed compressors and has 2 triac outlets for direct management of fan speed and external SSRs while the second one can handle 2 ON-OFF type compressors for each circuit as well communication with a bipolar stepper EEV driver (always for each circuit): both come in different formats and can control both ON-OFF and modulant fans.

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