AEFYT renews its commitment to training with the Refrigeration Workshop in C&R

2021-10-27 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 1709

AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, renews its commitment to training in the framework of the C&R show, which is held between November 16 and 19 under the slogan "Together we create well-being", with which it has become in one of the great value-added activities of the fair, the Refrigeration Workshop. The Association organizes these training sessions together with the Moratalaz Cold Technology and Air Conditioning Training Center, in Madrid.

The workshop, in which the students of the CRN of Moratalaz will participate, will have seven different practices on the latest refrigeration systems, including installations with glycol, CO2 or monitoring with information technologies, among others. On this occasion, Intarcón, Coreco, ColdKit, Tewis, Climalife, Frostrol, Dicostock, Exkalsa and Ako have been used as collaborating associated companies, which have given their equipment and their knowledge to pass them on to future refrigerators.

From the association's stand in Hall 8, dedicated to refrigeration, AEFYT will disseminate the guides it has recently published: “Guide for the prevention of occupational risks in refrigeration systems” and “Guide for risk analysis in refrigeration systems that they use flammable refrigerants ”. These texts are a reflection of the association's function as a unifier and disseminator of knowledge so that the entire cold value chain can evolve towards the great challenges related to sustainability and digitization. In this sense, you can also find information on the Expression of Interest (MDI) led by AEFYT “Refrigenia 4.0”, which seeks to raise Next Generation funds to invest in the modernization of cold systems in the agri-food industry. The virtual reality project developed by vocational training centers and associated companies financed by European funds, which was already introduced virtually at the last IIAR congress, an entity with which AEFYT collaborates closely, will also be presented.

“This edition of C&R is very important for everyone because it represents the reunion of the cold industry after the pandemic, where the essential role of our technicians has been understood. From this forum, we must work to continue defending the importance of cold and air conditioning for society and we must also reflect on our fundamental contribution to the sustainability of the production system and digital transformation, ”said Susana Rodríguez, president of AEFYT.

In this sense, AEFYT coordinates two sessions on refrigeration within the framework of the C&R Forum in which energy management, refrigerant and refrigerant fluids, disruptive technologies and market trends, among others, will be discussed. It also organizes, together with AFEC (Association of Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers), the block dedicated to large architecture and engineering projects, where the panorama of training will be addressed as a key to sustainable employment and technological development from different points of view. view that include digitization, training of trainers or investment.

Editor: Amanda