RACC2024 Global Promotion Tour Stop 9 —— The 19th CLIMATE WORLD in Russia, 2024

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RACC2024 Global Promotion Tour Stop 9 —— The 19th CLIMATE WORL​D in Russia, 2024


On February 25th, the RACC Organizing Committee, along with some Chinese exhibitors, departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Moscow to participate in the 19th CLIMATE WORLD. This exhibition marks the 9th stop of RACC's global promotion and the 2nd time participating in exhibitions in Russia, aiming to comprehensively promote the RACC exhibition, widely invite exhibitors and international buyers at the exhibition, and create a truly international event for the HVAC/R industry.



Many companies are looking forward to meeting you at the Exhibi​tion


CLIMATE WORLD 2024 is the largest and most professional air conditioning and refrigeration industry exhibition in the HVACR industry in Russia. It will be held in Moscow from February 27th to March 1st, lasting for 4 days. This exhibition has attracted nearly 300 exhibitors from around the world, including Aiken, BVM, Refcool, LU-VE, Breezart, WAER, G&M, Rowen, Galvent, Bühler AHS, and nearly a hundred Chinese companies such as Sanmei, Yilida, Zhongguang, Jinlong, Jintian, Huaguang, Pure, Tiangao, Kedi, etc. With many leading companies gathering at the exhibition site, it will greatly enhance the international reputation and global influence of the RACC exhibition, bringing more cooperation opportunities for both supply and demand sides!


At the 2023 China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition, there were more than 70 overseas buyers from Russia visiting the exhibition site, making Russia the largest source of overseas visitors. The RACC Organizing Committee attaches great importance to the promotion of the Russian Refrigeration Exhibition this time. Before departure, the new version of the RACC2024 promotional materials has been carefully prepared and delivered to the exhibition site in advance by sea.


During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will use the form of visiting each participating company and nearby audience one by one to promote the international exhibition concept and the latest developments of the 4th International Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC2024) face-to-face, actively inviting customers to participate in RACC.


This time, the RACC Organizing Committee has organized more than 40 companies including Jinlong, Tongxing, Fengshen, Dajin, Boze, Jufuolong, Haiding, Bor, etc., to participate in the exhibition, and will witness the Climate World exhibition together. Friends who are going to Russia are welcome to come to the exhibition site for communication!


Welcome to join the internation​al HVACR event RACC2024


In 2024, the RACC Exhibition Organizing Committee launched the "Go Global Exhibition with RACC" activity. We will promote more extensively globally, cooperate with more international partners, and invite more international buyers. We believe that with the doubling of the exhibition scale and new promotional channels, we will bring more new business opportunities! Building a first-class international exchange platform is our founding mission!


We sincerely invite you to visit Dawn’s booth at Hangzhou Grand  Convention and Exhibition Centre from 10.23 to 10.25 to cooperate for mut​ual benefits!



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