2021-09-27 Source: Gree Overseas Collect Reading Volume: 10790

MEGA CLIMA WEST AFRICA 2020 was kicked off at Lagos, the largest city and also economic center of Nigeria, on local time 21st, September. MEGA CLIMA WEST AFRICA is the only professional HVAC exhibition in the West Africa and this is the second time for Gree to take part in.  As affected by COVID-19 pandemic, this exhibition is postphoned to this Septempber from July of last year. However, this three-day exhibition also attracted lots of international exhibitors including Gree. 




As the development of economy in Africa in recent years, the air conditioner capacity is also increased accordingly. As the biggest economy in Africa, Nigeria also developed rapidly. By virtue of advanced core technologies, high product quality and professional service, Gree has expanded rapidly in Nigeria and has won many projects in Nigeria such as Abuja urban rail, global biggest oil refinery and Rye railway, which has represented the high recognition by local consumers. 




Gree Product 

Gree showed many superior products such as GMV 6, U-Match, Free Match, G-Tech and rooftop unit. Thanks to high-efficiency enthalpy-adding technology, new heat exchange parts design as well as CAN+ communication technology, GMV 6 features outstanding performance, high reliability and flexible adaptability. The operation range for cooling is 5℃~55℃, which can ensure stable operation in various complex working conditions. 


Gree Product 

G-Tech split-type unit is with function of five-step deep cleaning and DIY operation by customers, simple and convenient. It enables customers to enjoy fresh air anytime. What’s more, U-Match and Free Match adopting R32 eco-friendly refrigerant use universal outdoor unit for matching with various indoor unit for easy installation, easy maintenance as well as high efficiency. 




In order to further expand Gree brand image, Gree agent in Nigeria has strengthened publicity for this exhibition. The overseas pandemic is also serious at present, while Gree people is still making unremitting efforts at the front line to make more people select Gree. Made in China, Loved by the World. 



Editor: Amanda