Renewal Expansion|Professional cooling fan manufacturer Hangzhou Jinjiu Electric invites you to visit the 2021 China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC)

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Hangzhou Jinjiu Electric Hanger Co., Ltd. originated from Hangzhou Fuyang Jinma Electrical Machinery Factory. It was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 5 million. There are currently more than 100 employees on the job and a plant size of more than 10,000 square meters. It is located in the paradise city-Hangzhou, a beautiful rich On the banks of the Spring River.

Product display

Hangzhou Jinjiu Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional factory that produces external rotor centrifugal fans, freezer shaded pole motor fans, FFU air purification units, various air purification fans, electric fan motors, capacitor running motors and other cooling fan products.

Professional R&D team•Meet customized needs

The company has advanced performance, well-equipped motor, fan production line and testing equipment, mature production technology, advanced manufacturing technology and modern management level, at the same time has a strong R & D team, strong technical force, long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions, Customize various special fan products according to customer needs.

Good product quality and best-selling overseas

16 years of motor production history, high-quality quality, derived from professionalism. Jinjiu electrical products are exported to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, and the product quality has been unanimously recognized by customers. To provide customers with better products and more convenient services is the goal of everyone in the company.

Jinjiu Electric implements a sustainable development strategy, expands the market with a superior economic scale, builds a brand with quality and service, and presents a new corporate image to the society with the attitude of enterprise grouping, management modernization, and product quality. Move customers; create wealth and return to the society" corporate spirit, relying on excellent quality system and service system, complete and scientific quality management system, insist on establishing a strong and honest enterprise!

Welcome customers to visit China International Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition, Jinjiu Electric will serve you wholeheartedly!


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