European Heat Pump Summit impresses industry professionals

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As it celebrated its 10th birthday, the European Heat Pump Summit – powered by Chillventa was gifted some outstanding results, including around 260 delegates, 60% from outside Germany, and a fully booked Foyer Expo with 22 exhibitors. A total of 35 renowned German and international speakers delivered first-class knowledge transfer at the highest professional level and provided insights into the latest issues relating to the status quo and importance of the heat pump. This year’s event was all about the use of the heat pump in industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

“In its tenth year, the European Heat Pump Summit 2019 was a resounding success and impressed across the board. This was substantiated once again by the fact that 257 participants travelled to the event from 26 countries. We are exceptionally pleased about this fantastic commitment on the part of the heat pump community. It makes the European Heat Pump Summit one of the most important events for the heat pump in Europe and worldwide,” says a delighted Daniela Heinkel, Director Chillventa and European Heat Pump Summit at NürnbergMesse.


Winning combination of congress and foyer expo
The blend of high-quality theoretical presentations at the congress and the practical context provided by the Foyer Expo offered participants a broad spectrum of knowledge and plenty of scope for networking. As at previous events, the Foyer Expo provided the ideal opportunity to talk shop with exhibitors and get answers to specific questions.

High-quality congress programme by professionals for professionals
The 35 wide-ranging presentations enabled delegates from all around the world to broaden their knowledge base. In 2019 the focus was on the use of the heat pump in industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

“On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the European Heat Pump Summit has once again reinforced its status as the most important dialogue and knowledge-sharing platform for the heat pump sector. This was reflected in the first-class presentations on a broad range of topics from the fields of scientific research, development in the industry, technology and practice. Networking was also a prominent feature of the 2019 summit. Or as Dr Rainer Jakobs, Coordinator European Heat Pump Summit, put it succinctly: ‘connecting heat pump experts’.

As well as looking at innovative technologies in component manufacture and the specific use of heat pumps in commercial and industrial applications, the congress also explored topical issues such as refrigerants, the use of hybrid systems, and high-temperature heat pumps. Other subjects discussed by the experts included market developments, summaries of the IRR Conference in Montreal, news from the R&D sector and the latest on the development of components and products.

编辑人: Nina Li