Panasonic chiller now available

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Panasonic has officially launched its new ECOi-W heat pump chiller series, the result of its collaboration with Swedish ventilation company Systemair .


First announced at the Climatización y Refrigeración exhibition in Madrid in February, the ECOi-W is available in a range of sizes, offering heating and cooling capacities from 20kW to 210kW.

Panasonic promises high energy-efficiencies with the new range, boasting average SEERs of 3.85 and SCOPs of 3.32.

The ECOi-W includes special defrost-limiting coils, low-noise kits and Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating as standard. The entire range is cloud-compatible and comes as standard on sizes 140-210kW. Every model is also fitted with a simple control panel which includes an intelligent logic device for inlet water temperature, automatic test operation and night setback operation. It also interfaces with BMS and VRF systems and is designed and optimised for easy service and maintenance.

Ambient options, pump type and hydraulic options are available to suit the application.

The ECOi-W series is said to provide optimal performance in any climatic condition. It operates in heating mode at outdoor temperatures as low as -17°C and in cooling mode at outdoor temperatures up to 50°C. Thanks to a defrost limiting coil design, a maximum 15% higher COP is said to be achieved when compared to a standard coil. Each pair of coils can be defrosted while the other pair of coils are running in heating mode, ensuring stable hot water even at low ambient temperatures. The maximum water outlet temperature range for heating is 50°C and 55°C for sizes 140-210kW.

编辑人: Juli SHEN