Carrier Transicold Europe Launches ‘Move Your Senses’ Campaign

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Carrier Transicold Europe’s launches new “Move Your Senses” campaign will highlight how its transport refrigeration equipment and services can benefit each of the five senses – smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch, with the addition of ‘mind and consciousness’ as a sixth sense. The campaign’s dedicated website is full of exclusive content, including videos, animations, interactive graphics and informative quizzes, that demonstrate how each of the senses are “moved” by Carrier Transicold’s refrigeration equipment, solutions and services throughout the cold chain worldwide.

“The ‘Move Your Senses’ campaign is an ideal way for us to demonstrate how our temperature-controlled systems truly connect with our customers,” said Bertrand Gueguen, president, International Truck & Trailer, Carrier Transicold. “We will show how freshness, quality and consistency can be traced back through each of the senses, and how our products ensure quality is maintained.”
The sense of smell is rejuvenated when fresh air surroundings Carrier Transicold’s ICELAND and SYBERIA units that remove the need for a separate diesel engine. Instead, the units use Carrier Transicold’s ECO-DRIVETM power module, which harnesses power from the truck’s efficient Euro VI engine to deliver electrical power capable of providing 100% refrigeration capacity, even at standard idle speed.
The sense of hearing is preserved through Carrier Transicold’s urban refrigerated solutions that operate below the PIEK-compliant noise level of 60 dB(A), even at 100% capacity. These systems significantly contribute to quieter inner-city deliveries. The sense of vision is stimulated through Carrier Transicold’s new eSolutions telematics software that creates a visual representation of product performance for operators, allowing them to intelligently monitor connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world, maintaining the integrity of the cold chain throughout a product’s journey.
The sense of taste is demonstrated by cold chain solutions helping to ensure fresh and frozen cargo reaches its destination in the best possible condition to deliver peak freshness that will tantalize taste buds.
The sense of touch is felt by Carrier Transicold‘s around the clock service via an extensive service network that is always within reach, comprised of over 600 centers, 24/7 oneCALL assistance and more than 2,200 expert technicians, so your most sensitive cargo is in good hands.

Finally, the sixth sense, ‘mind and consciousness,’ is showcased by Carrier Transicold’s dedication to building a sustainable cold chain for true peace of mind. By developing refrigeration solutions designed to enhance unit performance and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact, its new flagship trailer product, the Vector HE 19 high efficiency unit, demonstrates the company’s conscientious and mindful approach to creating sustainable solutions for the cold chain with its environmentally responsible all-electric E-Drive technology. Its improved multi-speed engine offers up to one litre per hour fuel saving, is 10% lighter, has up to 15% lower maintenance costs, and operates three dB(A) quieter than its predecessor.

编辑人: Nina Li