Coowor and OPTFAN reached a cooperation agreement

2019-08-13 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 9370

OPTFAN has recently reached a cooperation with Coowor. OPTFAN is one of the few professional industrial fan manufacturers in the industry, which integrates R&D, production, engineering, scheme consulting, installation, sales and after-sales. It is very experienced in industry application and has formed a set of solutions from pre-sale consulting to installation and after-sale. As an old friend, OPTFAN is a witness of the global promotion of Coowor. As a participant, I hope that OPTFAN can go further and further on the road of internationalization.

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OPTFAN founded in 2007 opened the "large industrial fan" industry, becoming the first large industrial fan manufacturer in China.

In 2007, OPTFAN introduced HVLS industrial large fan technology from the United States and jointly developed the first large industrial fan in China independently with well-known transmission technology enterprises in Germany. In the same year, OPTFAN obtained relevant patents and set a milestone for the large industrial fan in China.

Over the past 12 years, OPTFAN has continuously innovated and improved the technology of large industrial fans. In 2016, it joined the power technology team of the United States and Hong Kong to devote ourselves to the development of a new generation of PMSM industrial fans. Power technology is the core source of the products and is also introduced into the fifth generation of products. With the excellent effect and quality of the products,  OPTFAN has made a great progress. 

OPTFAN Industrial Fan has been awarded high-tech enterprises and won many international certifications such as TUV certification, ISO, CE, PSE and so on in 2018.

OPTFAN has been taking security as the core, customer demand as the orientation, customer interests as the goal, high performance-price ratio as the ultimate pursuit, serving the world's top 500 well-known enterprises.

With Suzhou as the R&D and manufacturing center, OPTFAN has established a global service system and standardization to serve global customers. Their service outlets are located in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

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Editor: Nina Li