A positive week in China for Dearman’s zero-emissions cold chain technology

2019-07-04 Source: coowor.com Collect Reading Volume: 5465

Last week Dearman was in China for the Nanjing Tech Week and the Global Cold Chain Summit in Qingdao, both events showcased Dearman’s revolutionary sustainable clean cold chain technology.

Nanjing is an important city, and the capital of Jiangsu Province, with a population of 8.3 million. It features high-tech development zone’s for innovation and start-ups and more than 200 research and development institutions. With all this focus on innovative technologies as a backdrop, it was the perfect setting to showcase Dearman’s clean cold sustainable energy solutions.

Nanjing Tech Week, hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Government, is focused on building a smarter future and promoting a collaborative approach. The theme of this year’s Nanjing Tech Week was Innovation in Nanjing – Limitless Opportunities.

On the Dearman stand was Dearman’s Head of Business Intelligence & Commercial Projects, Florian Wagner:
“Nanjing Tech Week demonstrated China’s determination to innovate amongst other things a clean sustainable cold chain and was the perfect platform to showcase Dearman’s revolutionary zero-emission transport refrigeration system. Dearman will enable Chinese logistics firms to leapfrog the use of western diesel technology and avoid the heavy pollution experienced in the west”.

The Global Cold Chain Summit in Qingdao gave Dearman the chance to present its vision of a sustainable clean cold chain to an audience of more than 1,000 environmentally conscious attendees. The delegation was made up of organisations and companies from the food trade and logistics sector of over 20 countries.

The Dearman Transport Refrigeration System is currently on the road and in use by some of Europe’s largest retailers and demonstrating to local councils like Leeds City Council the coolest way to tackle air pollution.

What this trip to Nanjing and Qingdao represents is a real opportunity to innovate China’s global competitiveness and to lead the way forward in driving a clean, environmentally conscious transport and logistics infrastructure that encourages sustainable growth and new job opportunities.

Editor: Nina Li