Kysor Warren buy-out creates new Epta company

2019-04-02 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 5620

Following today’s acquisition of Kysor Warren, Epta has announced that it will create a new company Kysor Warren Epta US Corp.

                                   Marco Nocivelli: Keysor Warren acquisition a “milestone” for Epta

Describing the establishment of the new company as a milestone for the group, Epta president and CEO Marco Nocivelli said: “We have risen to the challenge and we are ready to enter a geographical area that is highly competitive, innovative and with significant numbers: North and Central America are worth over one third of the world refrigeration market. 

“This operation will allow us to accelerate our growth plans thanks to the reputation of the Kysor Warren brand that boasts a prominent role nationally, innovative natural refrigerant systems, such as those operating with CO2 , structured and efficient production facilities and a strong team of motivated experts,” he added.

Parke Adamson, general manager of Kysor Warren said: “The across-the-board skills of the Epta Group and its know-how in the development of natural refrigerant systems will dovetail with our long-established experience serving North American Retailers.”

Editor: Amy Ge