Chinese Companies at HVACR Vietnam 2019

2019-03-29 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 46451

The most professional HVACR expo in Vietnam --- HVACR Vietnam 2019 is now entering the last day on 27th. Among all exhibitors, there are 58 exhibitors from China which takes over 50% and its exhibiting area takes even more than 60% setting a new record in history. The reason that HVACR Vietnam 2019 attract so many Chinese companies cannot leave without the huge HVACR market in Vietnam and the good results coming from HVACR Vietnam last year.

The exhibiting area of 2018 were sold out within five months and more than 20 Chinese companies booked their booths for 2019 when exhibiting at HVACR Vietnam 2018 which is good example to show the great feedback and the importance of Vietnamese market.

A glimpse of Chinese exhibitors at HVACR Vietnam 2019
























































Editor: Nina Li