SANHUA blossom on ACREX 2019

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ACREX 2019 was held at Mumbai Exhibition Center from February 28 to March 2, 2019. After years of development, ACREX has become one of the most famous international HVAC&R exhibition. SANHUA is the world’s leading intelligent control components & MCHE manufacturer, and let's take a look at the shining moments of SANHUA's ACREX 2019 journey!

SANHUA debut at curtain Raiser of ACREX 2019

The Curtain Riser of the 2019ACREX was held on the evening of February 27, 2019 at Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai. SANHUA is the first Chinese company to become the sponsor of this event, and contributed a wonderful night together with ISHRAE.

SANHUA prepared the signature event called ”To celebrate Indian people’s effort to make the world greener”. The idea was inspired by the recent NASA news "China and India makes the earth greener than 20 years ago", which fits perfectly with the green environmental concept advocated by HVAC&R industry. The signature event was subsequently moved to the SANHUA booth to continue.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wang Peng, Global Marketing Director of SANHUA Commercial BU, gave a speech. Mr. Wang talked the relationship between China and India comes from the story of "Journey to the West". The summer weather is hot in India, we could imagine the buddha would also prefer to have Air conditioner if have a choice. The interesting opening remarks caused the audience burst into laughter. He said: “There are still many people in developing countries like India can't afford to buy air conditioners. SANHUA has the confidence and dream: Work together with refrigeration equipment manufacturers to make every family in India can use high-quality, cost-effective air conditioners and enjoy frozen food, let’s make the next miracle in India!”

Then Saharabh Bhonat, the account manager of SANHUA India company, gave a speech of SANHUA company introduction. The opening video of SANHUA VOC showed the audience why more than ten customers worldwide choose SANHUA brand, Which SANHUA products they use, and how they feel about SANHUA. In the following PPT speech, he quoted many famous words from Gandhi, to tell the story how SANHUA acquired Ranco 4-way reversing valve business, and how SANHUA wholeheartedly serve customers to achieve a win-win cooperation.

Finally, Mr. Wang , together with the officials of India and European Refrigeration Association came to the stage to have a wonderful talk show. They looked forward to the bright future of the Indian HVAC&R market from the perspectives of Europe and China: the potential of the Indian refrigeration market is huge. Hope that the Indian government will increase infrastructure construction, become more open, and introduce more foreign brands to develop together.

SANHUA booth overview

The exhibition area of the SANHUA booth reached 150 m2, with the double storey design. The large-screen display at the top and middle of the booth attracted a lot of visitors' attention, highlights the strength of Chinese manufacturing and the high-end image of Chinese brands.


SANHUA mainly presented 4 packaged products solutions: VRF, precision air conditioner, cold room unit, screw chiller, as well as other fluid control components such as EEV, TXV, solenoid valves, MCHE and All aluminum PHE.



Star products


SANHUA new LPF series EEV + controller package for refrigeration application and VPF series EEV + drive solution for chillers, attracted a large number of visitors.

Students are the key for the India refrigeration industry development, Mr. Wang gave detailed introduction of how various components applied in various refrigeration systems to student visitors groups.


Editor: Nina Li