It's hot, it's cool: it's CAREL on FRIGAIR 2018

Wed Jun 13 11:03:59 CST 2018 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 326

From 6 to 8 June, FRIGAIR - the leading African trade show for heating, air-conditioning, energy and refrigeration - will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Held every three years, this event attracts a vast array of exhibitors and visitors: thousands of professionals from industry, consultants, engineers, contractors and facility managers, among others.

“The market in SA has changed over the last 2 years, with the awareness of natural refrigerants and the need for increased energy-efficient solutions”, commented Rodney Taylor, CAREL South Africa Managing Director. “We will be showing our customers the latest innovations from Carel in the programmable controller market, with products featuring capabilities yet to be seen in the industry. Significant focus will also be placed on connectivity and remote access”.

Intelligent control has some advantages as follows,It is easy control of any equipment through this unit. Make all of the system’s technical capabilities available in an easy and effective way.Maintenance cost reduction, saves hours on alarm management by focusing only on any current critical condition, thanks to alarm priority and filters. Reduce journeys on site with in-depth, remote technical analysis.Energy saving, focus  the experts on the most critical sites only, using a normalized league table. Drive the priority of analysis with targeted consumption clustering.
Quality improvement, manage standard reports automatically and increase global quality by focusing only on critical equipment. Reduce any waste of goods and customers claims, increasing user satisfaction.
Besides,CAREL also show some other soulutions as following, 

At lsat, CAREL also introduce one another product. CAREL received a Top Product of the Year Award from the Environmental Leader. Heez is considered by judges as an exemplary product.

One judge said of Heez “This product adds features that are not currently on the market to allow for “smart” response of refrigeration equipment to either maintain a steady-state or instantly change to pull-down the temperature. The rotary DC inverter technology is likely to be a quick response and low energy device in comparison to AC options”.


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