GEA Blue stunning debuts Fridair Expo 2018

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Gea Africa’s stand will have the latest Bock compressors and HB products. There will also be TV screens with presentations of all their products.GEA focus on engineering a better world. GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. The international technology group focuses on process technology and components for sophisticated production processes in various end-user markets. Think green, choose blue. GEA Compressors for natural refrigerants.

GEA compressors – the best choice for supermarket applications.GEA Bock HG Compressors is the suitable compressors for the use in supermarkets. In supermarkets nothing must be left to chance. Customers always want to fill their carts with fresh products and optimally cooled food. For this purpose, a best possible food cooling in supermarkets is essential.

Product overview​

GEA compressors are used in various fields of the cool chain and always provide the right temperature for food.

The use of GEA compressors is very popular. Cooling quality is the key to economic success whether the premium supermarket or the discounter, the city branch or the hypermarket on the green field: Increasingly better planned markets offer food in growing variety and top quality. Deep freezing, cooling and air-conditioning systems keep delicate food and ready-to-eat products constantly available – independent of the season and the origin.

The cool chain principle that must not be interrupted from production through to consumption guarantees the safety and quality of all cooled food. Suitable cooling processes developed for each phase of processing, transport and storage have long become an integral part of state-of-the-art supermarket logistics. Also the heat generated thereby is increasingly being used in particular for room heating and hot water generation.

For decades, GEA compressors have been a key component in supermarkets. Today the continuously improved GEA compressor technology enables to further reduce space, energy and maintenance requirements of cooling systems and to implement the upcoming transformation to natural refrigerants. The GEA expertise continuously achieves new offer and service benefits.

Many customers rely on GEA compressors for cooling and air-conditioning – our references speak for themselves!

METRO relies on natural refrigerants transcritical CO2 compressors in Kesselsdorf (close to Dresden), Germany

Retail logistics centre from Kesko in Finland adopt the GEA compressors. Selgros Cash & Carry in Wiefelstede-Oldenburg. GEA CO2 compressors ensure sustainability in supermarkets. For example, the largest supermarket network in the German retail sector trusts in the quality of GEA compressors. Supermarket application with HC and CO2 at discounters in Germany.Optimal cooling for the producing of convenience food in Belgium. Belgian Retailer charts course for 100 % hydrocarbons in stores. Natural refrigerants are helping to save money and deliver environmental targets. The ultimate goal of the leading Belgian retailer is to become HFC-free.

GEA Compressors on the high sea GEA compressors are not only used on land, but also on the water. For example, CO2 compressors provide the right temperature for fishing boats for one of the largest fishing companies in Norway.

In many fields of the refrigeration, special heat pumps and air-conditioning industry, CO2 as a natural refrigerant has considerably won recognition and can be seen as the refrigerant of the future. Crucial for CO2 (R744) in comparison to other natural refrigerants is the fact that CO2 is not only an environmentally-friendly refrigerant for supermarkets. Also in security matters, it is superior to other solutions. In cooperation with the company Danfoss, GEA Bock offers a special application training for the use of CO2 as natural refrigerant. To make the workshops a ‘hands-on’ experience., GEA put a fully functional-transcritical CO2 supermarket booster system into opreration in its training centre in Frickenhausen.

The part you don't know about GEA

We live our principles of values, excellence, passion, integrity, responsibility  and  GEA-versity.

GEA Group is a global engineering company with multi-billion euro sales and operations in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and process technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX® Europe 600 index.

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