Phnix brought new products to Vietnam HVACR 2018

Mon Apr 23 09:56:28 CST 2018 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 245

On the last day of the 2018 Vietnam HVACR Expo,Coowor reporter was honored to see the head of phnix, PHNIX managers said many potential users showed a strong interest in PHNIX. Especially the PHNIX heatplus series of 65 degree water temperature has shown great confidence in the application of the industry.

New products

HeatSpring hot water unit

HeatSpring provides up to 65℃ hot water for you constantly by circulating heating. It’s specially designed for the residential demand. With the features of stable hot water supply and high energy efficiency, it’s a perfect choice for domestic hot water.

Heatplus hot water unit

Maintain a High COP By incorporating green refrigerant, heat exchanger with innovative technology and circulating heating principle, PHNIX HeatPlus Series is capable of maintaining a 4.68 high COP during operation and has acquired the first class energy label, which means it can benefit to cut more than 15% running expenses annually for the users.

Fast & Stable Hot Water Supply The PHNIX HeatPlus Series is designed with an advanced control logic specially for commercial application, which commits to a fast and stable hot water supply for users.

About Phnix

Phnix is fully committed to new energy technologies, taking energy saving and environmental protection as the development direction of the company; it is an international company that focuses on R&D, production, and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions for heat pump products. Its core philosophy is to contribute to sustainable human development.




Editor: 李晓曼