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CoolSys Acquires Duquette Refrigeration

Release Date:2021-04-02


Kaltra set to launch next-generation screw chillers

Release Date:2021-04-02


Johnson Controls reinforces commitment to net zero cooling

Release Date:2021-04-02



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Johnson Controls Slated To Host ‘Game On’ Rooftop Virtual HVAC Training Conference On April 21, 2021

Johnson Controls, the global company in smart, healthy and sustainable building solutions, will host its ‘Game On’ Rooftop HVAC Conference virtually on April 21, 2021. The interactive training conference will offer a free online learning experience, with...

Women At HB McClure Company Find A Rewarding Vocational Pathway In HVAC

The demographics of the HVAC workforce are changing and more women are being welcomed into the HVAC industry in a wider variety of roles. In part, the changes are because of necessity as Baby Boomers retire from the workforce and leave a labor and skills...

Predictive Maintenance Systems Combine Sensors And Data Analysis

The connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) provides new tools to monitor the well-being of an HVAC system, to provide instant alerts to any operational problems and even to predict when problems are likely to occur. Being alert to early warning...

Strict Environmental Needs Of Data Centers Pose HVAC Challenges

The computing power we know as the Internet actually resides in millions of data centers that house rows and rows of computer servers. And each data center represents a unique HVAC challenge: How to keep the equipment cool, the air pure and the humidity...


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Chapman Experts State The Importance Of Energy Efficiency Ratings

There is often a lot of emphasis on purchasing heating and cooling equipment that is energy-efficient – and why not? Who doesn’t want to save some of their hard-earned money by lowering their monthly energy bills? But what does energy efficiency actually...

- 2021-03-25

Heli Refrigeration renews its contract with to open up the foreign trade field of medical refrigerators, and the cooperation is fully upgraded!

Recently, the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition visited Zhejiang Heli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang received the organizing committee and its team. Mr. Zhang expressed his approval to us very much. At present, he has renewed the contract with the world's largest B2B platform in HVACR, and the two parties will carry out more cooperation in the future.

- 2021-03-24

Fortcollins Heating Air Purifiers Leads The Way To Better Health

Fortcollins Heating offers quality iWave products for installation in the clients’ homes as the iWave air purifiers are some of the best in the industry. And, with the current pandemic putting homeowners on high alert, iWave has proven this fact yet again....

- 2021-03-23

Danfoss Launches Smart Sensors And Edix™ Communication Tool

With the brand-new Danfoss Smart Sensors™, water pump and air compressor industry OEMs and customers now get innovative design-in features – for instant fine-tuning, programming, and diagnostic capabilities. And all this via a fast, easy, and intuitive...

- 2021-03-23


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AHRI Releases Refrigerant Research Results

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) today released results of a project undertaken in cooperation with UL and the Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) in which refrigerants classified by the American Society of Heating,......

The F-Gas Regulation Is Delivering Change

For the latest data available in the latest EEA report, in 2019 HFC-32, HFOs and HCFOs accounted for about 43% of the reported total supply of HFCs/HFOs/HCFOs as metric tonnes, this is an increased share compared with 2018 (37%). The average GWP for reported total supply has decreased by 40% in just 5 years from 2014 due to the adoption of lower GWP fluorocarbons.

CO2 heat pump to provide simultaneous heating and cooling

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration is to install a Thermeco2 high-temperature CO2 heat pump to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to the Ludwigsburg council offices, near Stuttgart. The Ludwigsburg District Office is home to almost all the important specialist departments in the Swabian district and houses a powerful in-house data centre. This requires a reliable refrigeration supply around the clock.

Industrial Refrigeration System Market 2020-2026

Industrial Refrigeration System Market size exceeded USD 15 billion in 2019 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 4% between 2020 and 2026. The high demand for industrial refrigeration systems at freezing and refrigeration plants to preserve medicines and food items is anticipated to support the industry growth.