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Live chat is now avaiable on Coowor.

Release Date:2020-06-05


Q1 2020 Global Cold Chain Index Data Released

Source:Refrigeration Industry

Release Date:2020-06-03


Fujitsu develops personal cooler

Release Date:2020-05-29



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The EU Recovery Plan: an opportunity to prioritise clean air

The European Partnership for Energy and Environment (EPEE) welcomes the proposal for a Recovery Plan for Europe, which recognises the urgent need to boost residential and public building renovations to kick-start the EU economy and reduce emissions, therefore, setting the right direction to prioritise clean air.

Carel offers Boss for smaller systems

Carel has introduced Boss micro, a new addition to its wi-fi enabled local supervisor system for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. 

China Proposes Stronger Steps to Protect our Climate and Ozone

EIA – Environmental Investigation Agency, a Washington, DC-based Non-Governmental Organization that investigates and campaigns against a wide range of environmental crimes – informs that on May 21st China proposed a new national plan to tackle hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Pelican BioThermal expands global rental network in Incheon, South Korea

Pelican BioThermal, the global name in temperature-controlled packaging, announces the opening of a new network station and drop point in Incheon, South Korea—as the country eyes pharmaceutical development as a primary driver of economic growth. This network station is strategically located near the capital city of Seoul to enable the region to take advantage of the Crēdo™ on Demand rental option for temperature-controlled containers.


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TEFCOLD Range has been extended

TEFCOLD extended range again. This time with Coldrooms for both cooling and freezing.

- 2019-09-02

Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the coming launch of a new high-performance intelligent power module (IPM), the Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7, featuring reduced radiation noise and low power consumption for the inverter drive systems of air conditioners and other small-capacity motor drives. Sales of the Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7 will begin on October 29.

- 2019-08-28

Jiangyin Noble is now a member on

The online shop of Jiangyin Noble on completed designing and has been officially launched. It will be widely promoted in over 30 international HVACR expos every year.

- 2019-08-08

Beijing Sunjet started flagship online store on

Beijing Sunjet, a professional heat exchanger manufacturer started its flagship online store on on July 26.

- 2019-08-02


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Survey finds 79% of commercial fridges in breach of EU regulations

Four out of five commercial refrigeration cabinets have been found to be in breach of the EU energy labelling regulation and eco-design directives.

AHRI Releases March 2020 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data

U.S. shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps totaled 851,939 units in March 2020, up 4.7 percent from 813,605 units shipped in March 2019. U.S. shipments of air conditioners increased 6.1 percent, to 546,992 units, up from 515,353 units shipped in March 2019. U.S. shipments of air-source heat pumps increased 2.2 percent, to 304,947 units, up from 298,252 units shipped in March 2019. 

AHRI Releases February 2020 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data

AHRI Releases February 2020 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data

Air conditioning sales set to grow 4% to $115.8bn

Air conditioning analysis shows that the sales set to grow 4% to $115.8bn