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Spool compressor could offer an R410A-free future

Release Date:Wed Jan 09 11:39:42 CST 2019


SPX Cooling Technologies Introduces New Cooling Tower Control Panels

Release Date:Tue Jan 08 17:30:35 CST 2019


Branson: AC efficiencies are “pathetic”

Release Date:Mon Jan 07 13:34:17 CST 2019


Expo News

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Johnson Controls Exhibits Energy-efficient, Sustainable Offerings at 2019 AHR Expo

Johnson Controls’ global offerings of advanced technologies and energy-efficient, sustainable equipment will be on display at the 2019 AHR Expo (Booth B1617), January 14-16 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.


Coowor takes you to see 2019 AHR Expo

The AHR Expo is the world’s largest HVACR event, attracting the most comprehensive gathering of industry professionals from around the globe each year. The Show provides a unique forum where manufacturers of all sizes and specialties, whether a major industry brand or innovative start-up, can come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVACR technology under one roof.


The 54th Station of Coowor Global Promotion Tour—China (Mainland)

The 19th HVACR Exposition was held on November 13-15 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.



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Kgroup becomes Koxka

Refrigeration equipment manufacturer the Kgroup has changed its name to Koxka, its leading brand.

- Thu Jan 17 10:26:50 CST 2019

Promising results for R466A in VRF air con tests

Toshiba Carrier is said to have described R466A, Honeywell’s new non-flammable R410A replacement, as “promising” after initial performance testing in a VRF air conditioning system.

- Mon Jan 14 16:32:10 CST 2019



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U.S. shipments of central air conditioners increased 4,4%

According to AHRI report "November 2018 U.S. Heating, Cooling Equipment Shipment Data" U.S. shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps totaled 450,399 units in November 2018, up 4.3 percent from 431,668 units shipped in November 2017. U.S. shipments of air conditioners increased 1.8 percent, to 274,586 units, up from 269,842 units shipped in November 2017. U.S. shipments of air-source heat pumps increased 8.6 percent, to 175,813 units, up from 161,826 units shipped in November 2017.


Carel Solutions 2018: Threefold Increase In Projects With Natural Refrigerants

December is the time to take stock, and CAREL can look back at positive results in terms of energy saving and the use of solutions with natural refrigerants. The number of CO2 projects with DC inverter technology has tripled since 2017, with the purchase of natural refrigerants instead of traditional gases making for a total saving of EUR 1 million.


R-404A/R-507/R-407 Phase-Out for the State of California

California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved new rules requiring the phase-out of certain products containing hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s). CARB’s rules are modeled after U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) regulations that were vacated in 2017.


Star Refrigeration has installed cooling equipment at Gist’s new logistics depot

Gist’s new Chesterfield logistics depot now has Europe’s efficient chillstore plant, manufactured by Star Refrigeration, to support the peak festive season for years to come.



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Danfoss extends Flexline valve range

Danfoss has increased the pressure to 65 bar for its valves used in industrial refrigeration.

- Fri Dec 07 14:13:47 CST 2018


Daikin knows when you doze

Daikin and Japanese IT company NEC are trialling an air conditioning control system designed to improve the efficiency of office workers by preventing drowsiness.

- Wed Aug 01 14:18:10 CST 2018

A cross-border sample presentation - Mongolia Technology and Design of Accessen Heat Exchanger Unit Applicating in Mining Engineering

Jacobs examined many similar companies at home and abroad and compared several solutions, finally chose the Accessen Heat Exchanger Solution on Demand.

- Mon Jun 25 17:15:23 CST 2018