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HFC refrigerants see out 2019 with further price declines

Release Date:2020-03-24


How to Market HVAC During Coronavirus Pandemic

Source:the NEWS

Release Date:2020-03-24


HVACR Organizations Promote Recognition of "Essential" Status

Release Date:2020-03-23



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Epta closes four Italian factories

Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Epta has suspended activities in its four Italian factories in line with government orders to cease all non-essential activities to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Supplier to name illegal ac sellers

A leading UK air conditioning distributor has threatened to name and shame suppliers selling product in contravention of the European F-gas regulations.

Call to recover and destroy existing CFC bank

A new report estimates that existing banks of CFCs, once widely used as refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, could delay Antarctic ozone hole recovery by six years.

Wholesalers pledge to maintain supplies

The UK’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning wholesalers have pledged to maintain equipment and commodity supplies during the coronavirus crisis.


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TEFCOLD Range has been extended

TEFCOLD extended range again. This time with Coldrooms for both cooling and freezing.

- 2019-09-02

Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the coming launch of a new high-performance intelligent power module (IPM), the Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7, featuring reduced radiation noise and low power consumption for the inverter drive systems of air conditioners and other small-capacity motor drives. Sales of the Super mini DIPIPM Ver.7 will begin on October 29.

- 2019-08-28

Jiangyin Noble is now a member on

The online shop of Jiangyin Noble on completed designing and has been officially launched. It will be widely promoted in over 30 international HVACR expos every year.

- 2019-08-08

Beijing Sunjet started flagship online store on

Beijing Sunjet, a professional heat exchanger manufacturer started its flagship online store on on July 26.

- 2019-08-02


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Air conditioning sales set to grow 4% to $115.8bn

Air conditioning analysis shows that the sales set to grow 4% to $115.8bn

HVAC Filters Market - Global Forecast to 2024

The HVAC filters market is estimated to be USD 6.0 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 7.7 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2019 to2024.

How to Obtain an Energy-Efficient Cold Chain

Cold chain refers to a series of uninterrupted temperature-controlled links in a logistics chain. Common items that are stored in a cold storage facility are agricultural produce, such as fruits and vegetables, which spoil easily. In order to prevent spoilage, operators must keep things cool and fresh, however, that often increases energy costs.

AHRI Releases August 2019 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data

AHRI Releases August 2019 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data