Stakeholder forum IV: heat pumps action plan

2023-09-08 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 3992

Following the Call for Evidence to analyse and build on the views, positions and ideas of stakeholders on barriers to the roll-out of heat pumps, an open public consultation is taking place:

Following the past three stakeholder events to facilitate focused discussions on the heat pumps action plan , the last stakeholder consultation is taking place:

  • Monday 9 October 2023, 09:45 - 14:30 (CEST) focusing on supportive framework conditions and governance (European, national, regional and locals) 

It will be conducted in a hybrid format.

The previous consultations focused on skills and communication (25 May 2023), research, innovation, and market development (6 June 2023).and financing the roll-out of heat pumps (5 July 2023).



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