AHRI opens new office in Mexico

2022-11-17 Source: www.refindustry.com Collect Reading Volume: 128594

During the program of activities that take place at the AHR Expo-Mexico, the ribbon cutting was carried out, which marks the inauguration of the AHRI offices in Mexico (Institute of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration), by Director Luis Vazquez Gomez.

AHRI is the trade association representing 325 manufacturers of heating, cooling, commercial refrigeration and water heating equipment. They have offices in Arlington, Virginia (USA), India, China, Canada, Dubai and now also in Mexico. In addition, it is a leading developer of global equipment performance standards and oversees global third-party testing and certification of product and equipment performance in more than 40 categories.

AHRI members manufacture quality, efficient and innovative HVACR equipment and components for sale worldwide. These products represent more than 90 percent of residential and commercial equipment manufactured and sold in North America.

This inauguration will bring important benefits to Mexico, establishing industry standards and market surveillance for the Latin American region, as well as the opportunity to provide training to specifiers, building owners and consulting engineers, in addition to representing industry positions. and provide a unified voice for the industry in the country.

During the ribbon cutting, there was the presence of Luis Vázquez Gómez, Director of AHRI Mexico; Mario Maldonado, Regional Manager of AHRI Mexico; Henry Wong, Vice President of AHR Global Operations; Guitze Messina, Director Hardi Mexico; Mark Owen, ASHRAE Director of Publications and Education; mtro. Juan Manuel Rosales, President of the Association for Standardization and Certification A.C. (ANCE); Wendy Gray Osuna, Head of the Area of ​​Attention to Congresses, Conventions and Events of Guadalajara, and Angélica Guadalupe González Morales, Promotion Coordinator of the Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco.

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