Hitachi Launches Their Latest Line Of Controllers To Enhance Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Control

2021-07-16 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 4028

Hitachi has raised the bar for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) control with its latest line of controllers. Featuring intuitive designs and robust capabilities, these new models provide state-of-the-art control of multiple systems.

The systems are ideal for applications such as hotels, schools, offices, and restaurants. They provide a variety of features for HVAC professionals and building occupants, including airCloud Pro, a VRF central touchscreen controller, and an advanced color wired remote controller.

Setting operations schedules

HVAC professionals can enjoy anytime, anywhere control of an unlimited number of VRF systems with the airCloud Pro. On the web or through a smartphone, the intuitive interface enables technicians to:

  • Adjust temperature, fan speed, and equipment
  • Set operations schedules
  • Receive error and maintenance alerts
  • Add users with customized permissions

High-Resolution touchscreen

This wired controller enables HVAC professionals to manage 2,048 systems and 2,560 individual VRF indoor units. With the touch of a finger, the controller’s user-friendly interface enables technicians to manage multiple or individual zones. Features include:

  • A large, high-resolution touchscreen for fast swipe-and-click access to data
  • Customizable interfaces that show the information technicians want – the way they want it
  • Easy-to-set schedules for hassle-free energy savings
  • Rich management reports with up to two years of data
  • Optional energy calculation software for simple, accurate tenant billing

Eliminating paper documentation

Blending sleek design with advanced functionality, this controller enables simple, precise control of multiple systems. Winner of the 2020 European Product Design Award, the controller’s thoughtful design includes:

  • A simplified menu for immediate access to most frequently used functions
  • User-friendly language, diagrams, and images for intuitive selections
  • On-screen installation and maintenance instructions that eliminate paper documentation
  • A hotel mode with specialized functionality that enhances both guest experience and energy savings

Editor: Amanda