Grand Opening of the 2024 CLIMATE WORLD in Russia

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Grand Opening of the 2024 CLIMATE WORLD in Russia


On February 27th, the 19th CLIMATE WORLD opened grandly in Moscow. CLIMATE WORLD 2024 is the largest and most professional air conditioning and refrigeration exhibition in Russia's HVACR industry, lasting for 4 days.


CLIMATE WORLD 2024 Exhibition Scene


This exhibition has attracted nearly 300 exhibitors from over 20 countries worldwide, with more than 100 speakers participating. The exhibition scene was extremely popular with a wide range of brands. Including: Aiken, BVM, Refcool, LU-VE, Breezart, DELTAT GROUP, RADOIL, G&M, Rowen, FRIVENT, Galvent, and nearly a hundred Chinese companies such as Sanmei, Yilida, Hanzhong, Jinlong, Jintian, Huaguang, Pure, Tiangao, Kedi, etc., all participated in the exhibition.


CLIMATE WORLD 2024 RACC Exhibition Delegation


The RACC Organizing Committee organized more than 40 companies to participate in the exhibition, the largest delegation from China, including Jinlong, Tongxing, Fengshen, Dajin, Boze, Jufuolong, Haiding, Bor, etc. They concentrated on showcasing refrigeration products and advanced technology from China, attracting global visitors to stop by the booth for exhibition and cooperation negotiations.


Some Exhibitors at CLIMATE WORLD 2024



Global Promotion Stop 9 - RACC2024 Receives Wide Recognition


CLIMATE WORLD is the 9th stop of RACC exhibition's global promotion and the 2nd time participating in exhibitions in Russia, providing an excellent environment for concentrated promotion of the 4th International Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC2024). The RACC Organizing Committee attaches great importance to the Russian Refrigeration Exhibition this time and has specially invited Russian-speaking staff to do promotion at the exhibition. The Organizing Committee will make use of the 4-day time at CLIMATE WORLD to distribute exquisite new RACC2024 promotional materials to all exhibitors and passing buyers one by one, expand the visibility of RACC, invite more exhibitors and visitors from Russia and around the world to visit RACC2024 on-site, and enhance the internationality and global influence of the exhibition.


Promotion by the Organizing Committee at CLIMATE WORLD 2024 Exhibition Scene


RACC2023 attracted visitors from 76 countries and regions, and this year will continue to provide free accommodation, meals, and transportation services during the exhibition for the first 500 overseas buyers worldwide. The exciting scenes of the RACC exhibition and the high-quality VIP services have won the appreciation of many exhibitors and visitors at the Russian Refrigeration Exhibition. Many exhibitors and buyers have inquired about RACC2024 in detail and included the exhibition in their future plans, hoping to find more business opportunities through RACC's new channels!


More Channels, More Opportunities at RACC2024


RACC2024 is larger in scale and more international, with over 600 exhibitors bringing more innovative products, as well as a rich variety of exhibits and new technologies in the fields of HVAC, ventilation purification, refrigeration, and cold chain upstream and downstream industries! First-class service and a complete industrial chain will bring more business opportunities to RACC2024! New customer acquisition channels, more business opportunities! The RACC organizing committee sincerely invites customers from all over the world to visit the 4th International Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC2024).



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