RACC’s On-site Promotion at ACREX INDIA 2024 Achieved Huge Success

2024-02-21 Source: coowor.com Collect Reading Volume: 1859

ACREX INDIA 2024 was held in Delhi from 15-17 February. With the theme of powering global HVAC supply chain, this expo focuses on the rapid growth of the HVAC manufacturing sector in India. RACC also exhibited at this show, promoting RACC in the India and invited more purchasers from the India and all over the world.

On-site Promotion

Originated Highly-praised VIP Service 

RACC committee visited and distributed brochure to all exhibitors, inviting them to China to attend RACC this year. RACC is the only expo organizer that provide one- stop VIP services to buyers from around the world. On the expo, RACC’s service won approval and many exhibitors decided to attend RACC connecting with Chinese companies and increasing sales. Benefit from good reputation, there will be more global companies to attend RACC 2024.

In recent years, Indian economy grow rapidly, basic infrastructure and real estate are booming. Thus, there is a huge demand for air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Many refrigeration global giants (including MIDEA, HAIER, SANHUA and TCL from China) increased its investment in Indian market. Because of imperfect Indian supply chain, Indian government has to import many refrigeration fittings to reach its vision of ‘made in India’. And China’s well-managed supply chain in HVACR can be Indian companies’ top choice.

The success of RACC 2023 unlocked a world of possibilities to HVACR manufactures and suppliers worldwide. India purchasing team was the 2nd largest team (consists of 65 buyers) attending RACC 2023 from across the world. Because of RACC expo’s popularity, MORE THAN TRAVEL, a popular hotel booking site in India, put related package tour service on their website homepage.

Editor: Anne