Great Success Has Been Achieved at AHR Expo——The 4th Stop of RACC 2024 Global Promotion Tour

2024-01-30 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 20947


RACC made its third promotion campaign in U.S.A., gaining global attention.

On January 22-24, the world's first HVACR industry exhibition in 2024, AHR, was held grandly in Chicago, U.S.A. This was also the 3rd time for RACC organizing committee to go to U.S.A. to promote RACC. The organizing committee attached great importance to the exhibition and prepared carefully before departure, transporting more than 4,000 promotional materials by sea in advance. The on-site committee members visited all the exhibitors and many buyers during the 3-day expo, even missed the lunch time because of the busy schedule, and kept on promoting RACC until the end of the show.


The VIP services

With AHR being a very international exhibition, attracting famous enterprises and buyers from all over the world, RACC has invited more buyers from different countries, and strengthened the connection and communication with enterprises in the industry. Such efforts not only enhanced the global awareness of RACC, but also established a more authoritative and professional image for it within the international HVACR community. Through such strategies, RACC has steadily strengthened its position and influence in the global refrigeration and heat pump industry.


RACC Exhibition has been regarding customers as the first priority, building a real international exchange platform, and has created the VIP service to provide two-night stay at five-star hotels, complimentary meals, shuttle buses, and translation service during the exhibition for the first 500 registered foreign buyers, which sets up a new benchmark of exhibition service. The internationalization and excellent service of RACC Exhibition have won wide praise from the industry, and many domestic and foreign enterprises have expressed that they would come to RACC exhibition in 2024.

At the booth of Gold Fields, we just met Juan Jose, the head of purchasing of Zamil, who was very satisfied with the exhibition services provided by RACC and would personally lead a team to come to RACC2024. In the process of distributing the materials, the organizing committee met President He of Japan's JARN magazine, who appreciated the great publicity of RACC. Many other companies have visited RACC or learned about RACC through multiple channels, and they all highly recognized it for its services and professionalism. Although the scale of our publicity investment is unprecedented, the success we have gained and the feedback from satisfied customers are literally priceless.


RACC Organizing Committee​ at the AHR Exhibition


More Than 200 Chinese Enterprises at AHR Exhibition


We have been a partner of AHR for many years, and more than 40 enterprises, including Dunan, Sanyou, Huayi, Dunli, Pingyun, Jiasheng, Dongao, etc., came to this exhibition with us. Among them, more than 95% of exhibitors felt satisfied with the exhibition results of gaining many potential international buyers, and they renewed their bookings for next year's RACC expo.


RACC Exhibition Group


Some Chinese exhibitors


Join 2024 RACC Global Exhibition Tour

In 2024, we will go to HVACR exhibitions in more than 30 countries, such as Japan, India, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Australia, etc., to expand the global influence of RACC exhibition. We welcome interested customers to sign up for it and jointly develop overseas markets.


The organizing committee once again sincerely invites global businessmen to visit RACC2024, which will be held at Hangzhou Grand Convention and Exhibition Center from October 23rd to 25th!





Editor: 王子怡