HVACR Vietnam, organised by Informa Group, had its grand opening in Hanoi on July25, 2023

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Stop 11 of RACC2023 global promotion - HVACR Vietnam

Opening Ceremony of 2023 HVACR Vietnam

On July 25, 2023, the 15th Vietnam International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition (HVACR Vietnam), organised by Informa Group, had its grand opening in Hanoi. This promotional tour is the 11th stop of RACC2023's global promotion. From the organisers of HVACR Vietnam, the RACC committee was informed that this year, there are countries and regions such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and other countries and regions that have set up groups to participate in the exhibition.

2023 HVACR Vietnam Venue

The number of exhibitors reached nearly 200. There were more than 100 companies organized by the RACC committee attending as the largest pavilion of the show. Chinese exhibitors such as Aux, Juhua, Jintian, Detong, Feiyuan, Kaidi, Ximaike, Yingsheng, Lion Ball, Dayang, Weipeng, Weike, Duolexin and so on have attended the show. Foreign enterprises such as Klarwind, TILI, Gomec, Viet Air Filter, Starduct, World Enc, HYSTRONG, NanoFlex, ST Albans, Fanzic, Omicron, Rainbow, Apac, Superlion, Bry-Air and so on attended as well.

2023 HVACR Vietnam - part of the Chinese exhibitors

The RACC Committee distributing promotional materials and inviting buyers and exhibitors on site

As the exclusive agent of HVACR Vietnam in China, the RACC committee has maintained close cooperation with the organizer Informa Group for a long time, and both sides share channels and resources. The RACC committee distributed promotional materials for exhibitors and visitors one by one to expand the international influence of RACC2023 in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

From China to Vietnam, the RACC commttee provided one-stop service

The eye-catching RACC poster has attracted many international buyers and exhibitors. The RACC committee introduced the exhibition circumstances of Chinese brand enterprises this year and provided complimentary food, accommodation and transportation services for overseas VIP visitors during the exhibition.The RACC committee displayed the map of exhibition hall on site, inviting the exhibitors and buyers to come to Ningbo to purchase items or visit the exhibition. The face-to-face publicity and services provided by the RACC committee have received positive respond from the attendees. Some visitors have registered for RACC2023. They are very optimistic about China's strong supply chain, and hope to strengthen cooperation with Chinese suppliers and purchase high-quality products with the help of RACC Exhibition held in Ningbo in October.

The RACC committee set up a booth at the HVACR Vietnam

The RACC committee distributed brochures on site, which attracted many audience

RACC2023, the international HVACR event, is looking forward to meeting you in Ningbo, China in October 2023, altogether achieving the win-win future around the world!


Editor: 杨雪妮 (Yang, Xueni)