Stop 5 of 2023 China RACC Expo Global Promotion: 2023 Indonesia Cold Chain & Meat & Seafood Processing Expo

2023-06-26 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 10722

Introduction to the 2023 Indonesia International Cold Chain, Seafood and Meat Food Exhibition

The Indonesia International Seafood and Meat Expo(IISM) and the Indonesia International Cold Chain Industry Expo(ICE) were held in Jakarta from 10-13 May 2023. It is the best platform for trade industry players who serving the country's cold food and cold chain. It has been held at the same time and in the same hall altogether with the Indonesian Refrigeration Exhibition. It comes with the aim of running a more professional exhibition based on the huge market demand in Indonesia. The IISM and ICE were held independently in 2023.

The 5th stop of RACC Global Promotion

The 2023 exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors from many countries and regions around the world, with some well-known companies such as PANASONIC, BARCO, INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUNG, ALPHA JWC, NAYATI, TOPRE REFRIGERATOR, KRAMA YUDHA, POLYTRON, INTI ALBINDO SUKSES, and more than 10 companies from China, such as Brother Ice, Paierke, Tianyi, Sifang and Dongfa, etc.

RACC Committee is the organising partner of this Expo. The Expo is also the 5th stop of the global promotion of RACC. While organising the largest pavilion in China, RACC will fully promote 2023 RACC Expo and share the buyer resources with the other organisers.

We warmly welcome you to visit us at RACC booth: A-H10 for cooperation and exchange! We are looking forward to meeting you at 2023 Indonesia Cold Chain & Meat & Seafood Processing Exhibition!

Editor: 杨雪妮 (Yang, Xueni)