RACC 2022| Leading domestic heat transfer technology solutions supplier——Shanghai Baofeng Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. invites you to visit the 3rd China International Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC2022)

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Shanghai Baofeng Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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Company Profile


Shanghai Baofeng Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a well-known high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of heat transfer system, manufacturing and installation of complete sets of equipment. Mainly provide evaporative air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners, one-piece evaporative condensation lever block is a compound air cooler, evaporative condenser, closed cooling tower, open type cooling tower, energy-saving noise reduction type air cooler, dry type air cooler, dry wet joint air cooler, plate type heat exchanger, cascade cryogenic pump units, thermosyphon evaporator, ice storage device and heat exchanger, reaction kettle, towers and other chemical equipment And complete system solutions, are widely used in the data center, computer room air conditioning, the subway tunnel construction air conditioning, machining center, electric power, metallurgy, beer, medicine, chemical industry, aquatic products processing, food, refrigeration, petroleum, chemical industry, methanol, dimethyl ether, synthetic ammonia, polycrystalline silicon, organic silicon and other commercial, civil, industrial cooling, new energy and chemical field.



The company takes a leading position in the field of heat transfer

&Won more than 50 national patents


Company headquarters is located in Shanghai baoshan high and new technology industrial park (south), set up production base in zhejiang taizhou, jiangsu yancheng, have been given the special equipment, low pressure vessel in (D) manufacturing license, pressure piping installation transformation repair certificate (GC2), air cooled heat exchanger (A2) of security registration, ASME certification, etc. (U steel, NB steel), And through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. It’s Shanghai Quality Association group member and Shanghai "evaporative air cooler energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level" editor-in-chief unit. The products were rated as "Excellent ENERGY-SAVING products in China" by China Energy Conservation Association, and won more than 50 national patents.



The company has a group of excellent R & D, design and manufacturing talents with decades of professional experience, and has been committed to the development of efficient and energy-saving heat transfer system and equipment, including 8 senior engineers, 20 engineers, assistant engineers and more than 100 professional and technical personnel. We cooperate and exchange with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Harbin University of Commerce, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College of Commerce and other universities to jointly develop new products, new technologies and new materials, and apply scientific and technological achievements into systems and equipment, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, the company has advanced automatic welding center at home and abroad, laser processing center, nondestructive testing equipment and test equipment, the company fully absorb the latest technology at home and abroad, continuous integration optimization, to ensure that the products and systems in the heat transfer field occupies a leading position.

Keeping pace with the Times, we adhere to the business philosophy of "only 100% quality, 100% market", and the quality policy of "SHEQ first, continuous endeavor, pioneering and innovative, customer achievement", to provide every customer with the best solution, the best quality products, the most excellent service.



Overview of the Three Bases






The company's main products and applications


Integral evaporative condenser pry


 Condensing skids for refrigeration units

One piece structure, easy to move, install and run management, to meet the requirements of container transportation

Small refrigerant charge amount, large heat dissipation, and high safety performance

Compact structure, small footprint, low noise, indoor and outdoor use

The heat load of a single machine can reach 475KW to 2320KW

It is suitable for subway, data center and other places where refrigeration units are used and the site is limited. It can also be used for the cooling and condensation of clean fluids


Evaporative outdoor air conditioner


• It can meet the dry operation in winter to assume the function of evaporator, and the evaporation operation in summer to assume the function of condenser

• Energy saving products, annual water saving rate ~30%

• Effectively solve the plume and fog phenomenon

• Low scaling rate outside the tube, good heat exchange effect, long service life

• Large windward section, high cooling efficiency

• Suitable for northern areas with high evaporation in summer and long winter cycle





Air-cooled condenser


• Suitable for condensing refrigerant vapors

• Serpentine heat exchange tube structure, large heat exchange area, good cooling effect

• The cooling medium is air, low operating cost and abundant resources

• Compact structure, small footprint

• Easy to install and use, no other accessories

• Suitable for refrigeration industry, cold storage engineering, agriculture, food, chemical and other industries, can be matched with central air conditioning host equipment



Split evaporative cooling

• High heat dissipation and lower condensing temperature

• Two structural forms of total pipe and packing, to meet the north and south environmental restrictions

• Save space, save water and electricity, low system operation cost

• The heat transfer parts are made of circular or elliptical tube structures and support custom ∅18, ∅22, ∅25, ∅32 and other specifications

• The standard material of heat exchange tube is carbon steel, and the customized material is 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, TA2, TA10, etc

• It is suitable for the condensation and cooling of organic matter or inorganic matter, such as refrigerant. It is mainly used in industrial refrigeration, food cold chain, freezing and refrigeration, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry and other fields



Compound evaporative air cooler

Wind-water reverse design

• Combined structure of dry air cooling and evaporative cooling

• Effective white fog prevention

• Suitable for heat transfer with large temperature difference

• Suitable for areas with lack or poor water quality



Dry air cooler

• Pure air cooling

• Efficient heat transfer finned tube bundle

• Two forms of wind blowing

• Suitable for areas where water resources are scarce

• Suitable for high inlet and outlet temperatures



Vaporizing air cooler

• Single wind inlet, wind-water in the same direction

• Combined structure of dry air cooling and evaporative cooling

• Effective white fog prevention

• Apply to the environment with high wet bulb temperature



Closed cooling tower

• Two series: Time and tide

• The single tower can handle 9~460m3/h

• Closed system, no pollution in the medium

• Low maintenance cost

•CTI certification products



Open cooling tower

• Square corrosion-resistant steel plate construction

• Cross-flow design

• Single tower can handle 60-300m3/h

• Modular, flexible installation

• Simple structure, low investment cost

• No coil structure, low investment cost

• Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance

• Steel construction, strong corrosion resistance

• Pipe type water distribution, water sprinkling uniform

• The cooling medium is air, no pollution, low operating cost

• Modular flexible installation, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation



Ice storage coil

Ice storage coil is made of high quality steel strip by continuous coil welding and bending with high frequency welding technology, no butt weld, minimizing leakage points

• The whole product quality is more reliable after hot dip zinc anticorrosion treatment

• Serpentine structure, uniform melting speed, high heat transfer efficiency per unit area

• Large cold storage capacity, high system security

• Long service life and low maintenance cost

• Mainly suitable for regional cooling, power generation engineering, commercial, civil and other construction projects, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other places with large power load



Humidifying mixed condenser

• Air as a cooling source, no pollution to the environment, low operating cost

• High water saving rate in summer and no water operation in winter

• Effectively reduce the scale outside the heat exchange tube of traditional condensing products

• Can replace dry air cooler, solve the summer fluid outlet temperature is too high phenomenon

• It is suitable for cooling circulating water or condensing compressor refrigerant in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, especially in arid and semi-arid areas where wet bulb temperature is high in summer and water resources are short


Baofeng corporate culture

Leading the new development of the industry


Enterprise Vision: domestic leading heat transfer technology solutions supplier

Enterprise mission: Focus on heat transfer field, create green life

Corporate values: integrity & trust, continuous innovation, dare to work hard, achieve customers


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