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Shanghai Zhengyang Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Zhengyang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in November 1995 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Mainly focus on sensing + control + drive field of system integration and product design, production and sales. Adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, service first" and the business style of "excellence, steady and lasting".



Good reputation, good product quality

Its based in Shanghai, with its own good corporate reputation, excellent product quality, perfect service system, service our customers. Products are widely used in the automotive field, liquid crystal display, home electronics, intelligent home security system, IT services!


Air-conditioning area temperature control technology can save another 20% of energy

The "air conditioning area temperature control technology" proposed by Shanghai Zhengyang Electronics Co., Ltd. has obtained the national invention patent (patent No. : ZL 201910173379.9). The technology can save 20% energy on the existing air conditioning control mode.



At present, the general control method of air conditioning industry is to use the  F(out)@PID(Tset,Tin) algorithm based on air inlet temperature which is often used in the industry , to estimate the temperature of the user, to meet the requirements of comfort users; At the same time, the algorithm is used to drive the compressor and the tubular motor to achieve energy saving.


The air-conditioning area control technology proposed by our company adopts: according to the principle of energy conservation, intelligent control algorithm: F(out)=F(Tset,Tin,Tr) Tset= set temperature,Tin = air inlet temperature,Tr = area real-time temperature by measuring the temperature around the user, can accurately control the temperature around the user, accurately meet the user's requirements for comfort, at the same time, through the work of the compressor and the tubular motor, can improve the energy saving effect. Using this technology, the results can be achieved (take household air conditioning hanging up as an example).





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