Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration | Notice of holding 2022 China International Air Conditioning and Ventilation and Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition

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Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration will organize a group to participate in the 2022 China international air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cold chain industry exhibition (RACC2022 for short), and fully support the publicity of the exhibition. The association will put full efforts to invite association members, industry experts and scholars to participate in the forum, improve the scale and level of the forum, and jointly make 2022 RACC exhibition the most influential international well-known brand refrigeration exhibition.

The association will also hold the 2022 annual meeting with the theme of refrigeration and air conditioning, green and low carbon, and the 2022 recruitment fair for students majoring in refrigeration and air conditioning as well, so as to lead the development of the industry and attract thousands of professionals.

In the same period of the exhibition, the association planned to hold 2022 China International Cold Chain Development Summit, 2022 China International Air Conditioning Development Trend Forum, 2022 China Refrigerant Industry Summit Forum and 2022 China HVAC Foreign Trade Roundtable , involving 4 major themes (refrigerant, cold chain, international trade, famous product supply and demand exchange) and more than 30 high-quality sub forums in different fields.

Based on the exhibition of advanced products and technologies, the 2022RACC exhibition will invite a wide range of end users in the industry such as trade enterprises, dealers, engineers and professional buyers engaged in air conditioning, refrigeration, cold chain, heat pump, fresh air purification and other fields, as well as end users in food, real estate, medical treatment, green building and others.


About Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration




Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration is an academic social organization voluntarily formed by refrigeration technicians (individual members) and relevant enterprises and institutions (unit members) throughout the province. It is a legal person social organization registered and established according to law. It is a part of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology and one of the member units of Chinese Association of Refrigeration. Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration is under the leadership of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology and the guidance of Chinese Association of Refrigeration.

Founded on December 9th, 1979, the association now has 15 executive directors, 67 directors, more than 3000 individual members, 190 unit members and 6 professional committees.

The professional committees includes a gas separation and liquefaction professional committee, a refrigeration machinery and equipment professional committee, a refrigeration and cold food processing and transportation professional committee, a cryogenic medicine and cryogenic biology professional committee, an air conditioning and refrigeration technical professional committee, and a central air conditioning technical cooperation committee.

Over the years, the association has endeavored to carry out work, organize publication, academic exchange and exhibition activities, strengthen cooperation inside and outside the province, and expand the influence of Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration and Zhejiang refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China. The association provides accurate and diversified membership service products, responds to the call of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology and provide service innovation. Zhejiang central air conditioning technology seminars have been held for many times. Science popularization activities have been carried out in many places every year, the social service function of the society has been strengthened, and outstanding contributions have been made to promoting the development and exchange of the industry.


Notification documents by Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration are as follows:



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