More than 50 media participated in the full coverage of China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition in 2021

2021-11-23 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 1124

It was learned from the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition that there have been Xinhuanet, China Net, Zhejiang Daily, China News Service/China News, Takung Net/Hong Kong Wenhui Po, Zhejiang Online, Daily Business Daily, Science and Technology Financial Times , Economic Observer, China Business Daily, China Business Network, China Industry News (Beijing), China Financial Times, Sina Zhejiang, China Enterprise Network, Netease News, Zhejiang TV Public News Channel, Zhejiang TV Station Qianjiang Metropolis Channel, Zhejiang TV Station More than 50 professional media including Video Channel, Zhejiang TV Station People's Livelihood Channel, Hangzhou TV Station Comprehensive Channel, Qianjiang Evening News, Metropolis Express, Hangzhou Daily, Hangzhou Radio and Television News (published in Hangzhou Home APP), Hangzhou Net, Zheshang Magazine, 19th floor, etc. Form a media report team with social media to report on the grand event of the exhibition throughout the entire process and expand the industry influence of the exhibition.

Links to some media reports are as follows:



China Net

China News Network


Dagong Net/Hong Kong Wenhui News


Zhejiang Daily


Zhejiang Online


Daily Business News

Tech Financial Times

Economic Observer


China Business Daily

China Business Network

China Industry News (Beijing)

China Enterprise Network

China Financial Times


Wangyi News


Sina Zhejiang


Zhejiang TV Public News Channel

Zhejiang TV Qianjiang City Channel



Zhejiang TV Station via Video Channel

Zhejiang TV Station Minsheng Channel

Qianjiang Evening News

Metropolis Express

Hangzhou Daily

Zheshang Magazine

Hangzhou TV Comprehensive Channel

Hangzhou Radio and Television News (published by Hangzhou Home APP)×tamp=1634963503&app=news_article&utm_source=weixin&utm_medium=toutiao_ios&use_new_style=1&req_id=202110231231420101502152031FFB1014&share_token=DFA19A46-AE29-40F3-82A2-345762AFA451&group_id=7022079978745430540&wid=1634982027252

Hangzhou Net

Zhejiang International Chamber of Commerce

19th floor

Hangzhou City Pictorial %BC%B0%C0%E4%C1%B4%D5%B9&qid=c69793bf00012964&p1=11

Xiaoxiang Morning News



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