Review of RACC2021 Forum (1)▏2021 China Refrigerant Development Forum and Order Fair

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On the afternoon of October 22, 2021, the "2021 China Refrigerant Development Forum" hosted by Zhejiang Institute of Refrigeration was successfully concluded in the 1D conference room of Hangzhou International Expo Center. The event gathered more than 400 upstream and downstream refrigerant companies, big names gathered, and famous companies gathered together to create a grand and professional and authoritative single refrigerant industry event.

Under the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal, China joined the Kigali amendment plan of the Montreal Protocol on September 15, and the domestic market will begin to freeze the consumption of HFC products in 2024. It is a general trend to enter the HFO era. The development of refrigerants is facing a new window period, facing the commercial application of a new generation of environmentally friendly green refrigerants. Develop refrigeration products that meet the demand for low GWP and promote the industry to "green refrigeration". Challenges and opportunities coexist. The upstream and downstream enterprises in the refrigeration field need to continuously accumulate experience, actively promote the replacement of refrigerants, and make active efforts for environmental protection and the long-term and healthy development of the industry.

Moderator: Zhang Zengying, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Fluorochemical Industry Association, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. Lei Jun, deputy general manager of Juhua Group Co., Ltd., delivered a congratulatory speech at the forum. Speakers: Zheng Dongfang, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Information Research Office of Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Professor Zang Jianbin of Tongji University, Dr. Wang Binhui of Juhua New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wang Haitao, General Manager of Tianjin Aohong Environmental Materials Co., Ltd., Editor-in-Chief of Longzhong Information/Fluorine Six guests from Huachen Yanggong analysts traveled to our refrigerant forum and delivered speeches, and more than 200 representatives from well-known domestic and foreign fluorine-containing refrigerant production and application industries such as Sinochem Lantian, Sanmei, and Duran attended the forum.

Experts from the refrigerant industry gathered at this forum to conduct academic exchanges on the policy trends, status quo and downstream application research of the new generation of environmentally friendly refrigerants, and give pointers to domestic refrigerant companies. The wonderful sharing of guests has won continuous praise. To

Participants in the report session

Topic: Analysis of ODS and HFC Control Policies at Home and Abroad
Speaker: Zheng Dongfang, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Information Research Office, Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Deputy Director Zheng introduced the relevant provisions of the Montreal Protocol on the management and control of ODS. She focused on the analysis of ODS and HFCs control policies in major developed countries. China is currently steadily promoting the second phase of HCFCs phase-out, and encourages the promotion of alternative technologies to choose environmentally friendly, safe and efficient solutions. The "Kigali Amendment" has officially entered into force in China, and consensus has been reached on the reduction of HFCs. It is imperative to carry out global emission reduction actions, and the industry is actively responding to seeking solutions. To

Speech topic: "Research Progress and Development Trend of Refrigerant Substitution Technology in China's Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry"
Speaker: Yu Binbin, PhD, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Dr. Yu Binbin talked about the research progress and development trend of refrigerant substitution technology in China's refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. He emphasized the urgency of environmental protection The use of HFC refrigerants in the commercial and automotive refrigeration and air-conditioning industries, and introduced their potential alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages, referring to the lack of perfect refrigerants at the emergence stage; therefore, he introduced Shanghai Jiaotong University’s development of new refrigerants Successful cases and prospects for the development of new refrigerants in the future. Refrigerants in different occasions should be screened differently according to their respective operating conditions and requirements. The refrigerant screening method combining molecular simulation and artificial intelligence is expected to play a role in it. Important role.


Speech topic: "Low-cost Recycling and Recycling of Refrigerants for Rail Transit Vehicles"
Speaker: Zang Jianbin Professor of Tongji University

Professor Zang mainly shared the low-cost recycling and reuse of refrigerants used in rail transit vehicles, shared the application of environmental control and energy-saving research on vehicles, and the application status of rail vehicle air-conditioning refrigerants. Professor Zang analyzed the rail vehicle market with 10% air-conditioning systems per year The demand is large, and the annual refrigerant demand is about 250t. Based on the annual vehicle growth rate of 20% (urban rail + railway), the annual refrigerant demand is about 200t. Vehicle air-conditioning refrigerant recovery and testing, research on refrigerant recovery and regeneration standards.
Recycling and recycling standards, recycling demonstration and popularization, how to do in the field of rail transit? Urban rails go first, ordinary railways follow, and high-speed trains start.

Theme: "JXL-02 Mixed Refrigerant-Cost-effective R-404A Direct Replacement Product"
Speaker: Dr. Wang Binhui Director of the Compound Application Laboratory of Juhua New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Dr. Wang Huibin introduced the restrictions on GWP by laws and regulations, the development goals of Juhua Group during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and focused on the layout of Juhua’s green development, digital reform, and the launch of new Juhua. The company’s industrial integration , Layout in terms of product diversification, create a high-quality enterprise, and serve the society. Aiming at the application case of JXL-02 mixed refrigerant, it provides a good reference idea for enterprises.

Speech topic: "Contribution of Refrigerant Recycling and Recycling to Carbon Emission Reduction"
Speaker: Wang Haitao General Manager of Tianjin Aohong Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd.

The content brought by Mr. Wang The commonly used HCFCs and HFCs mainly involve the use and scrap of refrigerants in our country. They have brought us wonderful content sharing from the selection of recycling equipment, the recycling, storage and transportation of refrigerants. Based on the "dual carbon" goal, refrigerant must be recycled, and it should be combined with carbon trading. In the future, refrigerant recycling will be more standardized.

Speech topic: "Multi-angle analysis of the trend of refrigerant market in 2021"

Speaker: Chen Yang, Editor-in-Chief of Longzhong Information / Fluorochemical Analyst

After the editor-in-chief of Chen Yang introduced the development history of "Longzhong Information" at the forum, he analyzed the price trend of refrigerants from the perspective of the fundamentals of refrigerants (policy, supply, demand, and cost). She focused on the production of mainstream refrigerant manufacturers, and conducted a detailed and comprehensive analysis, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding of the guests.

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