Exhibitor Style|The guardian of health and safety around you Polarbear invites you to visit the 2021 China Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition (RACC)

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Nanjing Polarbear Clean Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with 2021 China International Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition, booth number 1B-K24. During the exhibition period which is October 22-24, 2021, Polarbear will launch cleaning accessories for refrigeration equipment, supporting central air-conditioning and frozen food enterprises. We look forward to the debut of Polarbear and receive more orders!

Company Profile

Relying on the world's advanced chemical formulas, Nanjing Polarbear Clean Technology Co., Ltd. provides a full range of cleaning and disinfection products and overall solutions for various food related industries. At the same time, it provides safe cleaning products and solutions for the efficient operation of cold systems such as central air conditioning.

Pojie, Pobao, Pojing, Poyou, Porun and other products include cleaning, disinfection and lubrication, etc.  Polarbear series represents the cutting-edge technology of industrial cleaning. Polarbear is committed to the escort of the food industry!

The company adheres to the concept of "safer, more efficient and cleaner", constantly innovates, optimizes product formulas to increase competitiveness, and achieves a win-win situation with customers through technical services and solving practical problems and difficulties of customers.

The Polarbear series is aimed at the product development center, exploring the core elements of ensuring food safety, innovating cleaning technology, optimizing the CIP process, and solving customer pain points. Not only provides a full range of food and industrial cleaning and disinfection products, but also provides a complete set of sanitation solutions-serving beer, beverages, dairy products, meat products, cold drinks and other food industries and refrigeration industry equipment cleaning, degreasing, descaling and rust removal  to provide customers with a safer, more efficient and cleaner guarantee.


Sinopec, CNOOC, Kraft Foods, Want Want Group, Unilever, 3M, Huainan Mining, Daliyuan, Huiyuan, etc. all have high-quality products and customized cleaning and disinfection processes provided by Polarbear to escort the product quality and safety of cooperative customers!

Food field

Polarbear PLB8202: Pobao chlorinated alkaline foam cleaning agent


  • Effectively remove stains and colors caused by condiments
  • Effectively reduce the base of microorganisms
  • Suitable for removing organic dirt

Product Usage

  • The product is a chlorine-containing alkaline foam cleaning agent.
  • Used for tank outer wall, filling machine, chain conveyor belt, wall, floor and various cleaning and disinfection of equipment and its surfaces
  • Suitable for food, poultry, fruit processing, beverage and beer industries.

Polarbear PLB8204: Pojie alkaline cleaning agent

  • Low-foaming surfactant formula, easy to use and long validity period
  • Does not contain phosphorus
  • Environmentally friendly and friendly to the environment

Product Usage

  • Widely used in beer, beverages, dairy products, meat processing industries, etc.
  • CIP cleaning system for food processing enterprises and removal of common organic dirt

Polarbear PLB8209: PoYou Peracetic Acid Digestion


  • This product is a disinfectant with peracetic acid as the main active ingredient, which can kill intestinal pathogens and pathogenic yeasts. It is used for surface disinfection of general objects, food processing equipment, and utensils.

Product Usage

  • This product is used for disinfection of cold tank lines

Polarbear E117: Diligent cleansing
Packing specification: 4*1G/5G/barrel customized on demand

At present, the most effective scale remover for cooling towers and heat exchangers on the market is also a medicine that is used in large-scale chilled water cleaning in the domestic market. There are color codes and color indications, containing metal inhibitors, powerfully removing lime, urate, mineral deposits, concrete structures, etc., super concentrated, and short cleaning time

Polarbear E104/E114: fin net 12 fin net 11
Packing specification: 4*1G/barrel

  • An alkaline fin cleaning agent, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than acid products
  • Suitable for evaporators, condenser plates, fins, air filters and outside equipment, etc.;
  • Biologically decomposes naturally, good degreasing effect without acid, and containing metal fatigue inhibitor; suitable for all metals, especially aluminum and copper

Polarbear E106: slime stripper
Widely used in circulating water systems in various industries, with broad-spectrum and efficient sterilization, algae killing and slime peeling and cleaning function, strong penetration, low toxicity, fast action

Polarbear E122: Fengqing
Packing specification: 4*1G/barrel

  • It is suitable for sterilization and deodorization of all building air-conditioning systems; it has no corrosion to the duct wall and metal;
  • Does not contain fragrances or masking agents to remove odors caused by bacteria and molds;
  • An odorless fungicide. Since its bactericidal component is not commonly used chlorine, it can effectively prevent corrosion of pipes or metals.

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