News from Mega Clima East Africa 2019

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Mega Clima East Africa 2019 enters the 2nd day. MEGA CLIMA as an important and influential HVACR expo brand in Africa has four serial exhibitions currently.

It is co-located with Werpex this year. Crowds of visitors in HVACR business are gathering at the event.

Kenya has been among the world's fastest growing, and rising business opportunities with consumer confidence to the current government and it has rising income levels and a growing middle class. The past decade has seen significant growth in most key sectors of the Kenyan economy, thanks to a vibrant private sector and the ever-increasing foreign appetite for investments in Africa.Indeed, Kenya has been the preferred hub for multinationals and other international organizations with operations in East and Central Africa. The Kenyan market has been awfully lucrative especially for foreign investors because of the high profit margins of 20 to 30 percent, which is impossible even in the U.S. or European markets.

The demand for HVAC products in Africa market is mainly driven by factors such as rising population, developments in the residential markets, and growing commercial and industrial units, increasing consumer demands for low-cost, energy efficient products. MEGA CLIMA family with its 4 great specialized exhibitions will generate strong figures and be a trusted source of development for the industrial sector, organized by ELAN EXPO, the exhibitions will definitely connect people with innovative and high-technology products.

Coowor team distribute HVACR SUPPLIERS to all visitors and exhibitors at the show to guide the buyers to purchase on Our booth is at T18. Welcome to visit!



编辑人: Nina Li