Toshiba’s 10kW Wall-mount Arrives in Ireland with Hat-trick of Installations

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The first three of Toshiba’s long-awaited 10kW wall mounted air conditioning units have been installed in Ireland, with distributor GT Phelan securing the hat-trick of projects.

The larger capacity indoor units have been high on distributors’ wish-lists for some time, as they fill a gap in Toshiba’s otherwise comprehensive split air conditioning offering.At its recent annual distributor conference in Stockport, England, Toshiba announced 10kW high-walls were now being added to its range of products.
GT Phelan, one of Toshiba’s longest-serving distributors, placed a stock order and sold the first three of the 10kW units for contrasting air conditioning projects across Ireland in the first week following delivery.These sales were for applications in a medical storage warehouse, a creche, and an IT company’s main communications room.

“Toshiba’s new 10kW unit is a very welcome addition to the range. It is often specified for use in server and communications rooms due to its high capacity and ease of installation and control,but it also has a wide range of applications in other areas, including for replacement projects where installers or end users are keen to go with a Toshiba solution,” said Rodney Phelan, director of GT Phelan.

Two of the three installations in Ireland were replacement projects, while the third was an addition to provide extra capacity for an existing installation.

“Now that Toshiba offers a 10kW Toshiba hi-wall system,I’m pleased to say that the response from customers so far has been extremely positive, and we seem to have hit the ground running,” said Phelan.

David Dunn, TCUK managing director of sales, said: “The new Toshiba 10kW wall mount is an excellent addition to the range, and has been extremely well received by all our customers. It packs a lot of cooling into a single compact unit and, as we have seen in the Ireland projects completed so far, has a wide range of potential applications.”

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