Refrigerated Showcase For Kids From Frigo Zika

2019年11月05日 来源:Refrigeration Industry 收藏 阅读数:5392


Big shopping with kids can be fun, but also tiring. To make shopping fun, Frigo Zika team has created a refrigerated showcase that will be interesting to everyone, especially the youngest.

The showcase is designed to make the display case functional and interesting at the same time.
Buttons, steering wheel and horn are intended for children's entertainment.
Front and back lighting in the form of headlights that accompany the design.

The cabinet comes in a cool warm and neutral cabinet on both sides, but it can also be combined (one side cold, the other warm etc ..)
Double LED lighting under the hood and each shelf with a switch.
Independent digital temperature controller on each side of the cabinet.

It makes shopping more interesting and nicer.

编辑人: Amy Ge