Carrier Rental Systems Delivers Temporary Cooling Solution to Facilitate Extension of Supermarket Cold Store

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Carrier Rental Systems recently completed a major chiller hire project forone of the UK’s leading supermarkets. The temporary cooling solution facilitated the building of an extension to its regional distribution centre in the North of England. Carrier Rental Systems UK Ltd is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

The contract, via Leeds-based refrigeration contractor A1 Engineering Solutions Ltd, involved the supply and commissioning of five high performance CRS 160 chillers and 11 low temperature fan coil evaporator units, connected by two km of temporary chilled water pipework.

The six-week hire contract provided temporary cooling while existing onsite refrigeration systems were decommissioned and relocated to a new plant room, as part of the cold store extension.The chillers and rack-mounted evaporators maintained a target temperature of between 2 and 4 degrees C in the centre’s loading bay and adjoining food produce cold stores.

“We began planning the project 12 months out, attending several site meetings with the refrigeration contractor and client to meticulously plan every step of the operation,” said David Edmonds, Carrier Rental System’s northern regional manager and the project’s lead.“The key was to maintain continuity of cooling at the busy facility to enable operations while building work on the extension took place and the onsite plant was recommissioned.

“It required close collaboration between all parties to ensure success. The hire system was delivered, installed and commissioned, and was soon delivering rock steady temperatures down to the target level, enabling onsite machines to be switched off and decommissioned for relocation as planned. The end user was delighted with the result.”

Carrier Rental Systems was responsible for all logistics and installation relating to the temporary cooling equipment, with chillers supplied from its branch nearby in Leyland.The high efficiency Carrier AquaSnap packaged water chillers are part of the Carrier Rental Systems comprehensive fleet of temporary refrigeration and HVAC equipment, available via its UK and Ireland branch network.

Having perfected a highly efficient method of chiller installation employing quick-connect pipe work couplings and flexible hoses, Carrier Rental Systems enables rapid and robust installation to ensure as little downtime as possible for clients on time-sensitive projects.Hire equipment can be provided on a short- or long-term rental basis to cover planned maintenance or an emergency following plant breakdown, with full 24/7 back-up support throughout the hire period.

Carrier Rental Systems is working on a number of ongoing refrigeration hire contracts, including a project with another local contractor in Halifax involving provision of temporary cooling for a cold store while onsite plant is shut down for refurbishment.

编辑人: Nina Li