2019-07-26 Source: coowor.com Collect Reading Volume: 3948

    Beijing Sunjet was established in 1989, and has been specializing in manufacturing custom-made fin and tube heat exchangers for HVAC&R markets with applications for commercial, industrial and transportation industries. 
     Our fully compliant production facilities have manufacturing capabilities that can deliver from single to large series production in its 10,000 square meter plant with a production capacity of over 120,000 units a year. 
    Besides using only high quality material in our production, we are always attaching great importance in our quality assurance by adopting and abiding to the international quality management standards ISO9001 and have been UL certified. Our products are selected as OEM parts by many local manufacturers in China, and also exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, India and UAE. 
      Strict selection of material, high standard of professional skills and reliable quality assurance contribute to the good reputation and repeat orders of our products.
      Sunjet is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers, making it your best OEM choice for any range of customized heat exchangers and parts.
      Your visit and any form of cooperation are highly appreciated and welcome.

Editor: LiuTongming