Kaltra offers high-performance condensers of Bora XL range

2019-07-11 Source: Refrigeration Indust... Collect Reading Volume: 12685

The XL range is a further development of Bora series air-cooled condensers which offer to the customers consistently high performance combined with reduced footprint and low refrigerant charge. Bora XL condensers have been designed to use with both traditional and low-GWP refrigerants, including R134a, R410a, R452b, R513a, R449a and more. The range includes models in the nominal capacity range from 150 to 1850 kW with two available sound level versions: standard low noise and extra low noise.

The aesthetic but robust design of new Bora XL condensers allows to successfully implement them into commercial, residential and industrial cooling systems in combination with condenserless chillers, compressor racks or other specialized equipment. 

Upgraded microchannel condensers provide more effective heat transfer at an incredibly low volume of refrigerant charge. Long-life alloy microchannel tubes supplied as a standard for Bora XL can guarantee long time reliable operation of the condensers. Optional e-coating allows increasing the reliability and sustainability in sea-salty or other chemically active environments. 

Latest electronically commutated fans are introduced into Bora XL design to reach the unique combination of energy saving, high airflow performance, precise condensing pressure controls, and quiet operation.

The range can be equipped with a variety of mechanical, electrical, and control options and accessories which allow suiting each condenser to customized project’s requirements.

The compact design of Bora XL condensers includes standard Kaltra cooling modules and our other conventional construction elements. These reduce the cost of production and let us offer the models at special prices for our partners and OEM customers.

With these new condensers, Kaltra is making one more step towards global environment safety goals, CO2 emission reduction, and the overall increase of energy efficiency of cooling and aircon systems.

Editor: Amy Ge