2018 Annual Report of 30 Listed Refrigeration Enterprises

2019-05-24 Source: coowor.com Collect Reading Volume: 18593

As of May 2019, listed companies of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in China have published their annual performance reports for 2018. Coowor compiled the 2018 annual reports of 30 listed refrigeration enterprises for you.

According to the data, there are 28 enterprises with positive growth in operating income and 2 with negative growth.This indicates that the majority of enterprises are in good operating condition and the industry prospects are very optimistic.But compared with the net profit, there were 17 positive growth and 13 negative growth. It shows that although business income is increasing positively, enterprises are also facing the situation of increasing production costs and intensifying competition.



From the table we can see that:

1. The leading enterprises of the whole machine have generally made good progress. The average net profit of the three leading companies, Gree, Midea and Haier, increased by about 14% year on year. By contrast, the second-tier brand CHIGO, Hisense have been suppressed and suffered serious losses. Frozen cabinets, refrigerator giants Changhong Meiling and Aucma have seen their profits grow faster than the previous year, and AKOMA has performed very well.

2. The turnover of copper pipe enterprises showed positive growth, but the net profit of the two companies are different. Jintian Copper had a negative growth, while Hailiang shares performed outstandingly.The growth rate is nearly 30%.

3. The operating income of four main motor enterprises, Weiguang Share, Yilida, Langdi Group and Wolong Electric Drive, increased slightly, but  the net profit all showed a different degree of decline during the same period. Among them, Yilida fell 81.69% year on year. It can be seen that in 2018, the competition of motor enterprises is huge.

4. Among the refrigeration equipment enterprises, the operating income of Moon-tech and Hanbell achieved less growth, and the net profit decreased by 10% on average. The operating income and net profit of DRC decreased simultaneously. However, this does not mean that refrigeration equipment companies generally have negative performance, Snowman Shares and Shuangliang EE growth exceeded 100%.

5. For compressor companies, except Huayi compressors, the performance of DONPER and Highly have been significantly improved.

6. It is worth mentioning that refrigerant enterprises, due to the favorable policies, have performed well for three consecutive years. Net profit grew by more than 100% on average. 3F's performance was even more impressive, with net profit increasing by 1031.25%.

7. In addition to Sanhua's slight increase in the net profit of the refrigeration accessories companies, the others all showed a downward trend. The net profit of the DunAn fell by -2,430.48%. DunAn Environment gives four explanations: asset impairment preparation, goodwill impairment preparation, expected asset disposal loss and "declining business performance".

Editor: Nina Li