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Technology and Design of Accessen Heat Exchanger Unit Applicating in Mining Engineering

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The largest copper-gold mine application in the world

Mining is one of the most important economic pillars of Mongolia. The mining output value accounts for 30% of the total GDP and accounts for over 70% of industrial products. The Oyu Tolgoi Mine, the largest copper-gold mine in the south, is one of the largest drivers of the Mongolian economy and is currently the largest copper-gold mine in the world.

This so called world-class mining project preliminary estimate of copper reserves accounts to more than 30 million tons (the area of the copper vein belt is equivalent to the area of Ulaanbaatar City area), gold accounts to 1328 tons (the area of gold vein belt is slightly smaller than Ulaanbaatar City area), and sliver accounts to 7,600 tons. In addition, there are mineral resources such as molybdenum.

Moreover, if underground mine expansion is completed, it is expected that by 2020, the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine will account for one-third of Mongolia's economic output value.


Join hands with the world's largest engineering consulting company

With the rise of the mining industry, in addition to the construction of industrial facilities related to the mining industry, in order to provide a more comfortable working and living environment for employees, the local government has vigorously strengthened the infrastructure construction, including the most important centralized heating systems and domestic hot water system.

The centralized heating system and domestic hot water system supported for mining projects are also one of the areas in which Accessen plate heat exchangers are widely used.

China! Shanghai! Accessen's on-demand centralized heating program has gradually gained reputation both at home and abroad. With professional heat exchange solutions and high-quality products, it has won the trust of customers.

The construction of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold project was contracted by Jacobs (USA), one of the world’s largest engineering consulting firms. Founded in 1947, Jacobs is headquartered in Pennsylvania, California, and has more than 150 representative offices in more than 20 countries around the world. Representatives from China are located in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively. The company mainly provides comprehensive services such as consulting, design, project management, and equipment installation in the fields of energy, environment, infrastructure construction, aerospace defense, chemical and pharmaceutical for individuals and the public sector, with an annual turnover of more than 8 billion US dollars.

Jacobs has completed many world-class engineering projects in the decades since its establishment. Jacobs designed the world's largest borax factory in 1967 and completed one-third of the uranium plant design and construction projects in the US in 1978. In 1995, it completed the largest pharmaceutical factory in the world at that time; It completed the world's first gas diffusion plant decommissioning project and so on.

As the world’s top engineering consulting company, Jacobs has nearly strict standards in selecting suppliers and engineering equipment. Besides satisfying common international production standards, suppliers also have to satisfy Jacob's another set of strict examination standard. Jacobs examined many similar companies at home and abroad and compared several solutions, finally chose the Accessen Heat Exchanger Solution on Demand.

Accessen provided Oyu Tolgoi with several sets of domestic hot water units and central heating application units, including the Accessen outdoor box (magic) unit. Under the premise of meeting actual heat exchange requirements, these units are fully manufactured according to Jacobs' strict standards. Accessen's high-quality plate heat exchanger unit products have won the recognition of the world's top engineering consulting companies!

Now “Mrs Accessen” would give everyone a detailed explanation of how the Accessen plate heat exchanger unit interprets the beauty of “China intelligent manufacturing”.





The application units of this project are all designed and manufactured according to the customer's requirements. For customers in different fields, Accessen can realize customized "one-stop" plate heat exchanger units for customers, achieving heat transfer on demand!

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