Coowor Meet KOCHEM on the 2018 ISH & CIHE China

Tue May 29 17:08:19 CST 2018 Source: Collect Reading Volume: 298

We have already reported the leader and foregoer in the HAVCR, KOCHEM on the first day of the ISH & CHIE China. At the last day of the exhibition, it is very lucky for us to see the person who is responsible for the exhibition, Mr.Wei, and have a nice interview with Mr.Wei. Now let us see the new products of KOCHEM in ISH $CHIE China.   

Q: Could you please introduce the company KOCHEM briefly.

A : Of course, KOCHEM is the first company to switch from coal to electricity in the Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin. And we introduce the advanced technology, such as air source heat pump ultra-low temperature operation technology, the laboratory developed its own 9s extreme speed defrosting technology, turbine direct injection enthalpy technology. We solve the problem that the operation of heat pump in ultra-low temperature environment.

Q: That is awesome. Mr. Wei, do you have time to introduce the new products and news about this exhibition?

A: Please come to this side with me. Now what you see is the 26PCK of the commercial geothermal air conditioning series, this is the high-attitude and ultra-low temperature air resource heating.

Q: Mr. Wei, could you please introduce the reason why you launch this kind of product.

A:Because the air source heat pump engine will face more serious problems with the increase of altitude when it is applied in high altitude area, northwest area and mountain scenic area. And the ordinary air source heat pump just fit to the plain and low-altitude area, then it will face 5 challenges, the failure of the ratio of energy efficiency, the insufficient safety of insulation of large electric appliance, high temperature of motor and the short life of the main engine and the construction of plateau scenic area. In the end, we launch this product to face these challenges,and after you go through the parameter,please come to this side to have a look at another one with me.

Q:Is this product obtained the national invention patent

A:Yes, and this is also our hottest product. KOCHEM launch the floor heating air conditioning unit, which is heating in the winter and cooling in the summer,and obtain the national invention patent. DKFLRFS-8I becomes more quiet with two fans, and adopts the low-noise compressor, low-noise fans, reduction the noise of pipeline optimization, which can make a quite environment and make comfortable life.

Q:These two products are very similar, the former one is all-in-one, and the other one is separate, right?

A:Yes, and you can also visit our fan heater.

Q:Mr.Wei, will your company take part in the foreign exhibition apart from the domestic exhibition?

A:Yes, the president of our company participate in the ISH of Frankfurt and MCE in Milan in 2016.

Q; That is fabulous, and why you did not continue to take in these exhibition, I believe this is a effective channel to increase your sales.

A: Because head office of our company want to make every efforts to develop the domestic market, each and every knows that the domestic market is very large.

The ISH & CHIE is finished and coowor thanks for everyone who pay attention to our company and website, and  in the future,we will work hard to lead you visit the beautiful scenery of HVACR industry, please continue to follow us!

Editor: 宫裕帅