Haier Launched the CASARTE System in 2018 ISH & CIHE China

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In the HVACR industry, heating equipment, water temperature, the effect of heating have become the most difficult aspects. the brand product iteration after around two pain points, and have made remarkable progress.On May 22, the opening of the 2018 ish hvac show, many brands showcase their own products, at the same time, also appeared in the exhibition industry's first high-end heating customized programs, cracked the "complete", become the hvac show a big attraction.

The market faces the explosive growth.

Traditional exposes three drawbacks.

In recent years, the market of gas wall-hanging stove will face explosive growth. According to the data, the total sales volume of wall-hanging stove was 485,000 by the end of March 2018, reaching a year-on-year growth of 58.1%. However, the rapid development of HVACR market still cannot cover the difficulties caused by the common problems in the industry. Secondly, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of temperature and keep constant temperature throughout the year when the whole industry adopt the unilateral control. In addition, the heating effect of industrial products is not good, and it takes an average of two hours to warm the room, which influence the user experience.

Casarte is the the first high-brand in HVACR exhibition. According to that the launch of the HVACR system of the Casarte has solved the original industry difficult,and  put an end to the era of separate heating products.

First of all,Casarte provides all kinds of HVACR products categories, on the contrary,previous domestic heating product just provide single product,and unable to provide complete sets of products.So users just can get heating product in one brand, and many other parts need to get from other brands. But Casarte can let user get the whole set of the heating products and services.From the  the development of heating industry, the whole set of HVACR products launched by Casarte may become hot in the future.

Secondly, the Casarte system breaks through the technical difficulties in HVACR industry and adopts the three-stage combustion technology to achieve the constant temperature in four seasons, which is totally different from the two stage combustion technology. In addition, Casarte system adopts the intelligent cloud in terms of interaction experience, which means that it can collect data by the intelligent temperature controller and interconnect with the users by the APP on the telephone. Then it can control the heating by the time and place, and provide the temperature form the users. Moreover, it will become the intelligent steward for the VIP user according to the intelligent heating of sleep curve.

The first project of high-end made heating system by the adoption of the innovative technology and interactive mode. On the one hand, this whole system is changing the heating mode of VIP family, on the other hand, it also changes the circle of life by the interactive program from the trending of the whole industry. Moreover, it provide a new concept that transfer from single product to the whole set of products for the HVACR industry.

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