LG Bring the nwe generation of Multi V5 at ARBS 2018

Fri May 11 10:39:34 CST 2018 Source: coowor.com Collect Reading Volume: 183

This year at ARBS 2018, LG will be showcasing the latest advancements to our product range.

They have made significant changes to control functions and Wi-Fi connectivity and users will now have the option to externally operate LG equipment across our whole range.

 It will be exciting to unveil this as we predict this will dramatically change the way that our products are used, with the dawn of the Smart Home fast approaching.

 LG will be also be showcasing their new Multi V 5 HVAC Solution. This generation has fully improved its technological potential with the powerful, reliable and economical LG Ultimate Inverter Compressor.

Other updates include Ocean Black Fin with effective corrosion resistance performance and biomimetics technology-applied to the fan design.

At the same time, the Dual Sensing Control offers users a more comfortable environment while minimising the unnecessary energy loss with a system that senses both the temperature and humidity.

About LG

LG has been committed to enhancing the global visibility of LG brand and maximizing its profit growth. LG electronics is particularly focused on achieving sustainable profit growth in mobile communications products and home entertainment products to consolidate its leading position in the IT industry, and LG will also increase the market share of home appliances, air conditioners and commercial solutions.

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