ebm-papst A&NZ at ARBS 2018

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ebm-papst A&NZ will be showcasing new product developments at ARBS, Australia’s premier trade show for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and building services industries.

Taking place at Sydney’s Convention Centre for the first time in 8 years, the fan manufacturer will show a range of new developments around ventilation, refrigeration and building integration. A stand-alone area will display local fan upgrade projects.

Independent Area

Ventilation technology in a cube
RadiPac EC centrifugal fans are specially designed for used in air handling units. These built-in fans are equipped with the highly efficient RadiPac Airfoil impeller in aluminium. For the first time in Australasia will the new 630-1,000 size range be launched. A running display of the compact plug & play system in stackable cube design, including MODBUS functionality, will be on show.

AxiBlade – more refrigeration capacity per square meter
With AxiBlade, ebm-papst has launched an innovative fan system that sets a new benchmark in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology. The components – the impeller, motor, housing and control electronics – were harmonized with each other down to the smallest details. Thanks to their modular concept, AxiBlade axial fans operate with an optimum efficiency of up to 54 percent. The new fans also feature a noise reduction of up to 8 dB(A) compared to the standard product range

RadiCal centrifugal fan with scroll housing

For the first time in Australasia, ebm-papst is presenting a single-inlet EC blower with RadiCal impeller in a scroll housing. The blower is designed for use in residential ventilation units with and without heat recovery. RadiCal, a backward-curved centrifugal fan, achieves significantly higher efficiency in comparison to forward-curved centrifugal blowers. At the same time, it reduces the noise level as a result of its optimised scroll contour. When a FlowGrid air-inlet grille is added to the intake side, noise reduction can be optimised further.

About ebm-papst A&NZ

ebm-papst is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of fans, blowers and air-moving products. Our high-efficiency EC motors are standard in the ventilation, air-conditioning and heating markets. Our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland consist of a team of qualified engineers, developers, logistics professionals and other staff that account for more than 100 years of combined fan engineering experience.

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