Gree R410A in Climate World 2018 attracts eye-catching

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The advanced producers of the climate world are presenting their new developments for the future climatic season. The first swallow from GREE in the segment of semi-industrial equipment was the updated channel air conditioners of the DUCT series, which are often called FGRs by the first letters of marking.

These air conditioners appeared on the Russian market in the spring of 2013 and almost immediately became popular among owners of production and storage facilities.


Depending on the parameters and tasks of each particular facility, the FGRs can effectively cool rooms of 200-400 square meters. m and more. In 2018, the market will be presented with channel air conditioners with inverter compressors Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi. The use of inverter technology has made it possible to immediately improve several key characteristics of these air conditioners:

- the largest air conditioner in the series, with a cooling capacity of 40 kW, has also become more efficient in heating mode;

- Due to the replacement of compressors and partial modification of the design, all DUCT air conditioners have become significantly more compact and lighter, both indoor and outdoor;

- New channel air conditioners have improved noise characteristics.

The outdoor units of the new FGRs also became quieter. For example, the sound pressure level of the indoor unit of the 20 kW system was 56 dB (A) before, and now it is only 50 dB (A)! Thus, almost the only drawback of the former FGRs has been eliminated - their bulkiness, which can complicate the installation and sometimes limits the possibilities of using these air conditioners in some projects. The difference with the previous series is up to 50 kg for indoor units and up to 170 kg for outdoor units! New systems are already available for order and will soon appear in Russia. Buyers are still offered air conditioners of the DUCT series with a cooling capacity of 20, 25, 30 and 40 kW.

Editor: Steven Ning

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