Snowman SRM open single-stage screw compressor----- High-intensity, energy-efficient, low-noise low-key appearances

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The snowman exhibitors IT ice machine, SRM screw compressor, Refcomp-SS5 series and Refcomp-SB series, the most eye-catching than the SRM-16sMA open single-stage screw compressor, the appearance of simple and beautiful Without losing the atmosphere.

SRM-16SMA open single-stage screw compressor suction diameter 125mm, exhaust diameter 80mm, length 1051mm, width 463mm, height 485mm.



The best gear ratio of 5 +7 combination, SRM "I" type patented screw rotor wire, with high strength, energy efficiency, low noise


High-strength body design, working pressure up to 2.8Mpa, the use of ductile iron


Screw rotor micron-level machining accuracy, close together, uniform stress, long service life


High-precision, low vibration, a lot of cooling capacity


Super bee shaft seal, wear-resistant contact surface is silicon carbide, can adapt to the speed of up to 10000rpm

Precision high wear-resistant combination of rolling bearings, design life of 80,000 hours


The maximum speed of new technology 6000rpm, greatly enhance the cooling capacity of 48%


The world's original energy-conditioning cylinder explosion-proof device


Screw rotor using high quality forging material processing


Built-in suction check valve, low resistance, effective control shutdown oil reflux


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