Carrier showed Packaged rooftop units at ISK-SODEX 2018

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Local time from February 7 to February 10, 2018 ISK-SODEX was grand openning in Istanbul, Carrier with a large number of products unveiled, including packaged rooftop units which are chased by the majority of foreign customers.

This new WeatherExpert™ commercial packaged rooftop, with capacity of 75 to 150 tons, is an all-new, from-the-ground-up design built to provide low cost of ownership. The flexible design of this unit makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and contributes to low installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

The new 75 to 150 ton WeatherExpert models have what is required for today’s and tomorrow’s market needs. During the development process, Carrier team members included many of the industry’s best installers, engineers, owners, contractors and architects. As a result, these new units perform, are innovative, and are reliable.



Six sizes from 75-150 ton in gas heat, electric heat, hydronic heat, and cooling-only models with CV, SAV and VAV fan systems to fit your needs.


High efficiency for long-term savings combine with low installation and maintenance costs for total low cost of ownership.


Vertical, horizontal and mixed air configurations with pre-engineered and certified factory-installed options.


High IEERs and multiple efficiency/capacity combinations available for each size can help contribute to LEED™ certification.


Staging scroll compression; Novation® heat exchanger technology with microchannel condenser coils; integrated ComfortLink controls; and fully factory-tested units.

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Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is a world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. We constantly build upon our history of proven innovation with new products and services that improve global comfort and efficiency.

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