Following the reporter from, take a look at 2018 ISK-SODEX Istanbul’s grand opening!

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Local time on February 7, 2018 ISK-SODEX Turkey Refrigeration Show is grand opening in Istanbul.

As the largest HVAC exhibition in the Asia-Europe bordering region, it is also the third largest exhibition in the field of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration in the world. Turkey ISK-SODEX provides national and international Exhibitors with the latest perspectives in the field of expertise, but also provides many mutually beneficial cooperation projects, and continuously promotes the international business cooperation in the field of HVAC refrigeration, for the exhibitors who come to exhibitors and also bring unlimited business opportunities for every visitors

As a professional HVAC media company , Coowor certainly can not miss this grand exhibition . In 2018, we continue to participate in all international exhibitions in order to allow companies in our websites to understand the new trends in the refrigeration market.

Let's followed the reporter from to take a look at this exhibiton.


Rigorous security checks

Parts of famous companies:


Samsung exhibited the products which has showed on Saudi HVACR Exhibition, no wind air conditioning. This air conditioner integrates Samsung's unique airless cooling technology into its design to provide customers with a cooler indoor climate and the best energy efficiency without the direct cold air flow.

 KLC gaz

KLC Gas Industries & Trading AG is presenting 2018 Turkish Refrigeration Show with a series of new products, including electronic components, pressure regulating box, relief valves, rectifiers ,etc.



Klas Heating Soğutma Klima was established in 2003 and continues to be produced under the KLS brand in the Izmir plant. It is a Turkish native brand. The company's product range includes air handling units, sanitary air handling units, sanitary air conditioning units, cooling towers and hot air units.


Condair is a Swedish company dedicated to providing complete solutions for humidification and evaporative cooling. Condair's products on display this year are a range of humidifiers, including steam humidifiers, mobile humidifiers and more.

Reporter from on the scene communicates with exhibitors to exchange, record their new products, new technologies, and establish good relations with well-known enterprises who are very optimistic about the development of When they learned involved in more than 30 international Refrigerated exhibitions, and distributed HVACR trade buyers guides to buyers at the show, they all recognize Coowor's promotion model and would like to join to raise brand awareness and open up a new international market by using the help from Coowor.

Coowor's colleagues introduced buyers guide for HVACR trade to exhibitors and buyers and distributed them free to all exhibitors.

With time flies, the first day of the show's report has to finish here. After the interview, I  also have a preliminary understanding of the Turkish refrigeration market . In recent years, due to the development of tourism and the improvement of industrial equipment, the import value of refrigeration and air conditioning products has been continuously growing. At present, Turkey is the fifth largest market in Europe. The Turkish air conditioning market is expanding with new technology. Turkey is accelerating the development of tourism while promoting the production and sale of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Turkey's refrigerators and freezers are produced in large quantities, and their sales in the country are also quite high. Turkey has sold refrigerators to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Continue to pay attention to Coowor, there will be more exciting exhibition news! !

Editor: Steven ning

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