ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL 2018-The 37th Station of Coowor Global Promotion Tour is going to sail

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On February 7, 2018, ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL 2018 will be open .The 37th Station of Coowor Global Promotion Tour is also going to sail. Coowor team will carry a total of 1500 Purchasing Guide. look forward to seeing you at the show! !(Booth:9-D34

As the largest HVAC exhibition in the Asia-Europe bordering region, it is also the third largest exhibition in the field of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration in the world. Turkey ISK-SODEX provides many mutually beneficial cooperation projects, and continuously promotes the international business cooperation in the field of HVAC refrigeration, and also bring unlimited business opportunities for the exhibitors.

At the last exhibition in 2016, a total of 965 exhibitors including joint exhibitors, 87,685 professional visitors from 126 countries and regions attended the show and demand cooperation opportunities, with a total exhibition area of 53,143 square meters. ISK-SODEX 2018 Istanbul, is a good platform for enterprises to obtain the latest information in the field of HVAC and to open the markets for Eastern and Middle East enterprises.

The various industries in Turkey are now at a stage of rapid development. In recent years, due to the development of sightseeing and the improvement of industrial equipment, the import value of refrigerated and air-conditioned products has been continuously growing. Turkey's air conditioner and heater industry both produced rapid growth and the air conditioner market is expanding with new technologies. The tourism industry is accelerating and the production and sales of air-conditioning refrigeration systems are being promoted. Turkey has a large number of refrigerators and freezers, and its domestic sales are also quite high. Turkey has sold refrigerators to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Range of exhibition

1, Heating System and Equipment: Burners, Boilers, Indoor Heaters, Wall Boilers, Solar Energy Equipment, Water Heaters, Various Heating Furnaces, Floor Heating Systems, Radiant Heating Systems, Solid Wall Heating Systems, Hot Air Devices, Electronic Heaters, etc. ;

2, Bathroom equipments: ceramic bathtub, sauna, SPA, hair dryer, bathroom accessories Freezing systems and accessories: cooler, cooling tower, fully enclosed internal circulation cooling system, refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, condenser, ice cream machine, Cold storage, Refrigerants, Refrigeration system heat exchangers, Evaporators, Condensers, Refrigeration compressors, Evaporative coolers, Mobile refrigeration systems, etc.

3, ventilation, air conditioning systems and equipment: all types of air conditioning units, fans, fan coil, heat exchanger, air curtain machine, air filter, humidifier, dryer, ventilation ducts, diffusers, Muffler, air handling unit, heat pump, ventilator, aspirator, exhaust fan, air - conditioning valve;

4, cloth pipe systems and accessories: all kinds of radiators, pipes, valves, pumps, meters; regulator, thermostat; flue system; insulation materials; central air-conditioning cleaning technology and pipeline cleaning equipment; water purification system And equipment, sewage treatment; fire fighting installations.


Exhibition address: Istanbul, Turkey Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition time: February 7, 2018 -10 days

Wednesday to Friday: 10:00 - 19:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00

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